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Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy 34 Jeremy!

Today is Jeremy's 34th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  

We are so blessed to have such an amazing man in our family and today is a great day to brag about this guy I married almost 12 years ago.  

Jeremy deserves only the very happiest birthday.  Health has been on his side this year so 34 is looking great!  Every day I am thankful to have this man by side and in my corner.  

Jeremy is not only a great father to Jude and Teagan but the best husband I could have asked for.  Seeing him every day with our kiddos makes me fall in love with him every day over and over again.  Over the last couple of years we have had our struggles and scares with health issues but thankfully we are not dealing with that anymore.  So many things to be thankful for.  

Happy Birthday Jeremy!  I love you more and more every day!  

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Friday, July 31, 2015

DIY Hair Detangler Spray

Teagan has very fine hair, which means that when it is time to brush and style her hair we sometimes have some crazy knots and tangles that leave her with tears.  Not fun - believe me, I know the feeling - we have the same hair.  I decided to jump on the DIY wagon last week and create something that would hopefully help those tangle tears stay away.  

DIY Hair Detangler Spray, easy detangler recipe, detangler with essential oils, lavender detangler spray, Make your own hair detangler

DIY Hair Detangler Spray 

DIY Hair Detangler Spray, easy detangler recipe, detangler with essential oils, lavender detangler spray, Make your own hair detangler

Materials Needed:

Spray Bottle
3 cups warm, not hot water
3 TBSP conditioner 
10 drops lavender essential oil

DIY Hair Detangler Spray, easy detangler recipe, detangler with essential oils, lavender detangler spray, Make your own hair detangler


1.  Warm 3 cups of water - not too hot!  Pour water into spray bottle. 

2.  Add 3 TBSP conditioner to the spray bottle.

3.  Add 10 drops of essential oil to the spray bottle.

4.  Secure top to spray bottle and carefully shake mixture in order for the conditioner to dissolve.  

DIY Hair Detangler Spray, easy detangler recipe, detangler with essential oils, lavender detangler spray, Make your own hair detangler

5.  To use - simple spray on wet or dry hair and carefully comb in. 

Not only does this make the tangles easy to comb out but the conditioner adds some conditioning and ease to the style you are trying to create.  

Teagan loves her spray because it makes her mornings easier and no painful tangles.  We love her spray because we do not have to feel like we are hurting her when we comb her hair.  This is so easy to create and keep around the house, I am so happy we tried this to help our hair woes!  

One of my good friends, Kari,  recently introduced me to the do Terra line of essential oils and when I saw that the Lavender Oil was available through her I immediately ordered some.  I knew that we would use the Lavender Oil for many DIY formulas and relaxation.  

do Terra has the strictest requirements on the market to make sure that their oils are completely pure of any impurities. All testing is done by a 3rd party company. They buy the plants from where they grow indigenously for the highest quality of oils.  And my favorite part is that they are reasonably priced!!!

You can contact Kari for more information on any of the do Terra Oils and she can help you decide the best ones for you and your family.  Like I said, great quality and fantastic prices!  

Kari on Facebook
Kari's Blog
Kari's do Terra page

Have you created your own Detangler before?

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jude's Taekwondo Tournament

About two months ago we took Jude for a free trial class at a local Taekwondo studio.  We were not sure if he would enjoy it but wow he LOVES it and we are seeing some great improvements.  

Last weekend Jude had his first tournament and while we were not expecting much since he has only be in class for a couple of months, he totally blew our minds.  

He not only got a trophy for his listening skills but also followed along to the commands and sequences that the instructors requested.  So proud!  I have a feeling that we will be taking Jude to Taekwondo for years to come.  I love that he has found something that he enjoys and is also helping him control his body and mind.  


 After the tournament he had the chance to break his first board.  He was so excited.  The whole studio was watching him but BAM!  He did it!!!  So cool!  He has his first broken board in his room, signed and dated!  

Do you or your kids enjoy any Martial Arts?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MINECRAFT at the Theater - Super League Gaming in #Denver - {Giveaway}

Disclosure:  I was compensated for this post. 

Hey Denver readers, this post is for you and your Minecraft obsessed kiddos!  Come play Minecraft at the Movie Theater!!  Six different locations and dates for the fun!  

If your kids are as obsessed with Minecraft then you’ll understand why they HAVE to head to the closest major movie theater to actually PLAY MINECRAFT AT THE MOVIES. 

Your little gamer can play on their laptop in a comfy, cool chair at the movies while they socialize and work together with other kids to watch their Minecraft builds on the huge movie screen! They are the stars of this game as they have fun competing for top scores, with winners getting awesome prizes.

Events start at 4pm with 100-minutes of interactive gameplay and well worth the $20 ticket. Plus, parents can watch them play for FREE.  You need a laptop, but a limited amount of loaner laptops are available too, so get your tickets now at


Monday, August 3 @ Cherry Creek 8, Denver, AMC
Monday, August 3 @ Century 16, Boulder, CINEMARK
Tuesday, August 4 @ Highlands 24, Highlands Ranch, AMC
Tuesday, August 4 @ Century 16 Bel Mar, Lakewood, CINEMARK

Wednesday, August 5 @ Westminster Promenade 24, Westminster, AMC

Wednesday, August 5 @ Southglenn Stadium, Centennial, REGAL

$20 - per ticket

*Come with a fully charged laptop and Minecraft 1.8 or above installed.

*Parents get in FREE with every paid ticket.

I hope you are excited because I have a giveaway for 2 sets of TWO tickets to any of the Denver dates listed above.  Follow the Rafflecopter form below to enter now!  Good Luck!!

Rafflecopter Form:
(each winner will receive 2 tickets)

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Keeping the Spark Alive All Year Round

It happened to us, and if you’re reading this article, it probably happened to you too. Maybe it went like this: you and your husband dated for a time, and back then, love, attraction, and passion ruled the day. Then you married and this beautiful deepening of your friendship took place, though there was still plenty of passion to go around and keep things exciting. Then you dug into your careers. Then you had kids. Then you looked up one day and realized things had changed. Your entire marriage revolved around anything and everything but passion. You and your husband had become roommates raising children together, paying bills together, and it broke your heart.

Maybe you’ve despaired that the spark you once shared with your spouse will never come back. Maybe you’ve begun letting your eyes wander, wondering if you should look beyond your marriage for fulfillment.

We understand. We’ve been there too. And we’re here to tell you that there is hope. You and your significant other can reignite that spark. All it takes is willingness, time, a bit of work, and some good advice. And that’s what we’re here for: to offer you our best advice for keeping that spark alive. 

1. Practice active listening. Remember when you used to hang on every word he said to you? Whether it was the simple details of his workday or the deepest longings of his heart, you listened carefully, you engaged, and you showed him how much you cared. How about now? Your mind is on ten different things when he talks to you. Right? No wonder you’re practically strangers now. Start listening actively and rediscover who each of you really are. And start asking questions again. There’s no better way to show interest (and to feel interest, too) than to ask questions in response to whatever your husband is saying.

2. Share physical affection. No, we don’t necessarily mean sex. Your marriage might be too cold, too distant right now for that. We mean holding hands while you’re out together. Haven’t done that in a while? Feels awkward? Get over it. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. There once was a time when it was nearly impossible to separate you two. You’re out of the habit now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get back there. The mind and the heart often follow the body’s lead, so hold hands and give each other hugs several times a day. Remember that TV series you both watched together years ago and loved? Order it as a box set of DVDs and cuddle on the couch under a comfy blanket while you watch the series and relive old times. Consistently share touch in these ways and you’ll feel tenderer towards one another, and this will reverberate across your entire relationship. Keep it up and it won’t be long before passions ignite and you’ll both want to up the stakes.

3. Truly celebrate each other. Birthdays, holidays, wedding anniversaries: these are all opportunities to show your man how much he means to you by giving him a thoughtful gift that truly speaks to who he is. For instance, choose anniversary gifts for him that he’ll be over the moon for, like personalized beer steins and a subscription to a beer of the month club (if he’s into beer, that is). Really consider his interests and make gift-giving extra special. Furthermore, get him little gifts for no reason. A little surprise here and there can really make one’s day. He’s likely to reciprocate this as well.

4. Look good for each other. Now, we’re not necessarily talking about hitting the gym every day and becoming a supermodel (though a little exercise and a healthy diet go a long way towards looking good and feeling good). What we really mean is this: back when you two were dating, you always wanted to look your best for him. You wanted to blow him away, and not only did that attract him to you, but it made him feel good. He knew you cared about him because you took time to look good for him. And vice versa. So, what changed? Careers and kids wear you out so much you can barely think at the end of the day let alone spruce yourself up for your husband. We understand, and we agree that your husband should love you just as much when you’re in your comfy pants as when you’re decked to the nines. However, a few days a week, you should make it a point to show him you still care about keeping the spark alive by showing yourself to be spark-worthy.

So, there you have it. Some of our best tips for reigniting that fading spark in your marriage. Before you despair, try these tips with your husband. You’ll be surprised just how fast that spark can return.

What are your tips for Keeping The Spark Alive in your relationship?

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Fairy Caves Full of Summertime Imagination and Snacks

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Horizon Products.

As the kids are getting older we are really enjoying all the fun trips and adventures in our state - call them mini staycations if you will.  Recently, we took a trip to Glenwood Springs Colorado, this town is full of history, hot springs and great caves to explore.  Last summer we took a trip to Glenwood as well but due to Teagan's age we really stayed in the hot springs more than anything but this year we decided to really get into the adventuring and take a trip to the famous Fairy Caves and Caverns of Glenwood.  

The moment that Teagan heard FAIRY she was ready to go!  Silly girl.  The whole time we were exploring the caves with our guide we were all on the look out for fairies.  Did you know that when the cave water drips on you - it is actually a fairy kiss?  It's true!  Luckily, we all got fairy kisses during the trip.  

The fairy caves are located at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  The adventure starts with a trip on the Iron Mountain Tramway - this is a fun trip because you are in a gondola with an amazing view of the river and surrounding mountains.  As we took the tram we were all reminded about how amazing the state we live in truly is.  Beauty surrounds you at every angle.  

Now, I really do love amusement parks but let's be honest - they are expensive and you have to really find ways to save money when taking multiple staycations with family.  I have found that the area that we always spend most of our budget is on food.  To really try and make our food budget stretch we have been packing our own snacks when traveling this summer.  This keeps us from hitting the concession stands and gas stations for the kiddos.   The kids have gotten used to the delicious snacks from Horizon and always ask for their favorites.  I for one and loving that Horizon has so many snack options that are perfect for traveling with kids of all ages.  

Parenting is hard work but choosing snacks that fit a healthier lifestyle can be easy with the Horizon organic snacks - great choices and delicious snacks!

After we walked through the beautiful fairy caves for a couple of hours we were all ready for a snack so I simply took out some fruit pouches, milk and cheese crackers from Horizon Organics that we packed in our backpack for the trip.  So easy and honestly probably saved us at least $40.00!  That gave us more money to indulge in some more adventures and create more summertime memories.  

We had an amazing time visiting the fairy caves with the kids.  It was so funny to see both Jude and Teagan searching for the fairies and wishing for the fairy kisses.  Finding these fun places to visit in our own home state of Colorado has been so much fun this summer and I know that as the kids get older we will continue to do these trips.  

Stay connected with Horizon Products at: 


Have you done any exploring in your home state this summer?

This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.

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