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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 years and Thankful

Tuesday is here, which means we are one day closer to Friday. Is it bad that on Monday I wish for the weekend? Don’t get me wrong I love my job but staying in bed and bumming around the house just sounds so much nicer!
Speaking of my job, as of September 12th I have been at the agency for 4 years! Crazy how time goes so fast. 4 years is a long time to be at one job but I just enjoy the agency I work for so much. I do not do direct care with our kiddos but I know that the work I do every day helps the agency stay open and help the at risk/abused/neglected kiddos we serve.
But beyond that I am thankful for my job, in this economy it is rough and every day when we get up and complain about our job we should remember to be thankful we have a job.

Day 3 of the Wellness Challenge is today. So far so good. I have 120 minutes to log and I plan on adding another 60 minutes after tonight. Doing good!! I really have to keep focused and use this challenge to my advantage. The last year has been really stressful and the way I deal with that is by eating and being lazy. Well it shows. I have gained 40 pounds, which is only 13 pounds away from my heaviest…not good!! So I know what I need to do because I have done it before. As of today I am down 1 pound, not bad right!?! :O)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Great job! Any loss is a good one when it comes to weight! Woo hoo!


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