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Friday, September 18, 2009

Swine Flu? No thank you!

It is September 18th, time for fall weather, fall food, fall decorations and apparently fall germs! I work in a school environment AKA Germ Factory and usually we have an outbreak of colds, strep and the flu in December or maybe November but NOT September!! There are 2 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in our school today plus a number of staff and kiddos with strep, colds and the flu. It just seems too early for this type of outbreak. In Colorado this summer we have been talking about how mild and wet of a summer we had and how this winter could be full of snow lots of snow (which I am excited about) and now I wonder if the number of viruses will be a lot higher this fall and winter now too. Oh joy! Well I am staying in my little corner today and waiting out this week so I get home to my house with my own germs!

Jeremy and I are heading up to the cabin this weekend, it is our last weekend this summer we will be going up. It is perfect timing though because the fall colors of the Aspen will be changing when we are up there. I hope to get some great pictures this weekend of all the fall colors. So we are both ready for the weekend, time to relax and take in some cooler weather. And the best part about this weekend…Melting Pot on Sunday!!! YES!! We are going with my friend and her boyfriend. I can’t wait, haven’t had Melting Pot since December, so we are in need! Yummy!

Wellness Challenge Update: Was bad yesterday, only went for a 15 minute walk. BAD!! Tomorrow (Saturday) I will get a lot of walking and hiking in while we are up at the cabin. Still trucking! :O)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend all!

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