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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Update...well Monday too!

Well I am a slacker I guess, I fell of the blogging wagon for a couple of days but I am back now with lots of updates!
This weekend was a great get-a-way for Jeremy and I, we just the relaxing time at the cabin for one last time this year. We got to see the changing colors of the Aspen which is a great reminder of the changing seasons. I am ready for fall and fall is certainly here in Colorado for this week! Yesterday the high was only 54 degrees! Rainy and cold too and some people even saw some snow falling! Crazy!! But I am ready!!

So the weekend was relaxing but we had some car trouble…Jeremy’s car. It is a long story but it came down to yesterday deciding to buy a new car for him and trade in the old one. So last night we went to the Honda dealership we always work with and at 8pm we drove off in the new car!! I will post pictures soon.
It is a 2009 Honda Civic, we drove off the lot with 10 miles on it!! Brand spanking new baby!! It is a Royal Blue Pearl color so it is really pretty. We hate that we have a larger car payment now but we know that this car will be much better for Jeremy and all of the driving he does. Good thing we had a relaxing weekend so that we could deal with this on a Monday! HA!

When we got home from the dealership I had a package in the mail from http://www.bestbathstore.com/! So excited to open it and try my new Acne treatment soap. I used it last night and this morning and I love it. The aroma is great too. If you go to this website you can pay just shipping and handling and get 5 free samples of their products so I have lots of samples too! For 15% off your order of anything but samples just input BESTSAMPLES in the coupon line. Worth it! I am really hoping this soap works for me, being off the pill really messes with my face! No fun!

Wellness Challenge Update: Last week I had a total of 285 minutes of working out! Not bad!!
This week…zero!! BAD!! I need to get to it. Tonight we will go to the gym and work out and watch the Biggest Loser…great motivation while working out. I really need to step it up this week.

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  1. I bet the view at the cabin was amazing! Glad you were able to get the new car for Jeremy! Good luck with the new soaps I will check the web site out! Way to blog!!! Woo hoo!


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