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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Death Part Deux

I started today out with a smile and here I am a couple hours later feeling down again.

Joe died on Monday. We were friends, not best friends by any means but we knew each other. My dad taught him, we went to school together for 10 years, his step-siblings were my best friends at one time – connections for sure. But mostly my heart is aching at losing a man that was only 28 years old. Why? Why does God choose to take him before someone else? That question won’t be answered but I still wonder…why?

So on top of the loss of Joe, came some bad news from my sister-in-law and her husband. Marc’s (the husband) father died this morning. I do not know how old he was but he was in his 70’s. Maybe a little easier to let him go but still hard. Jeremy and I do not know him well but our hearts ache for Marc and Heidi. Losing a parent has to be so hard. To make it worse, they are in Amsterdam, so we cannot be there to support them.

Death = Sadness

I hope tomorrow brings happiness to everyone who is touched with sadness right now.

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  1. Death certainly is sad...even when you know people are going to a much better place. It is hard to be human and selfish because we want people here now. So sorry for all these things sister!


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