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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Please Honor Our Request

Weird title I know. Most of you are close friends or family who read this but all I want to do is ask you to please honor our request and keep the information you read on this blog to yourself. The reason I started this blog was for a sounding board for me or like I said before a journal. I really do not want to “close” this blog and make it invite only BUT after some information was spilled to an outside source (for lack of better words) I am kind of hurt – No I am hurt. Some of the information that is in this blog, especially about trying to conceive, is pretty exclusive and I would hope that when you all read this information you just think and pray for our efforts and not let other people (who are not family or friends of mine) in on all of our progress. So thank you for reading and thank you for your support but please honor our request.

Because of all of this I was approached with the worst question any married woman HATES! “Are you pregnant yet?” First of all…NO we are not pregnant yet. I am sorry to disappoint you. Second of all…even if I was pregnant, not everyone would know right this second. And third…if you didn’t know this already getting pregnant isn’t easy for all women so that question is so insensitive! Seriously. So for anyone who ever has the urge to say that to any woman JUST DON’T!

Usually I don’t use this blog for venting but this morning I just can’t hold it in anymore. Thank you for listening and thank you for all of your support with everything. And remember that this blog isn’t just for baby making, it is for life. Our Story.

It is snowing here today. I am ready for the snow though. Well not too much because I hate the traffic and driving in it but I love the clean look. We are only supposed to get an inch or so today. Nothing horrible.

Tonight’s plan: work out and watch Grey’s. I am so torn though because the Office wedding is on tonight too. Might have to watch one of those online later. We will see what Jeremy and I decide to do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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  1. trust is the most important part of any it husband and wife, family, friends, anyone. with out trust there is no respect. sorry that this happened! love you weenis!


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