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Friday, October 2, 2009

Well hello weekend!

Morning! Happy Friday to everyone. I am so happy the weekend is just 6 hours away.

Weekend Plans!!!
Tonight (Friday): Heading out to go bowling with friends to celebrate my friend Courtney’s birthday. We love this place because it is in the center of downtown Denver and is really hip and fun with the lights and great music. Should be a good time. I am ready to show off my killer bowling skills! HA! Right!
Alright and then after bowling the birthday girl requested that she needs to go to a Karaoke bar because she has never done Karaoke! Courtney is 38 now…it is time! Pictures will be necessary!!

Bring Halloween into the House!! I can’t wait!! I LOVE this time of year!! First I have to do a good fall clean up of the house and then we can put up all of the decorations. After that I think Jeremy and I will have a date night. Maybe a movie night. We will see.

Family day. Family birthdays. Keep me in your prayers! Kidding!!!
Okay on another note. Jeremy had a lump removed from his scalp a week ago and we got the biopsy results back and it is NOT cancerous. Thank God!! They said it was an infection that got into the hair follicle and got really deep, that is why we couldn’t get rid of it with antibiotic cream. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers during that scary week of waiting. Jeremy has been through a lot in the last couple of months with health issues. I will do a post on that soon.

Time to get to work. Happy Friday my loves!

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