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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You asked for it!

So many of you have asked about how Jeremy is doing. To answer that question, GREAT! :O) I suppose there are some of you who have no idea why people would be asking about Jeremy.

Well here is the long story. Our Spring and Summer months were full of grieve, stress and health issues. Joy.

It all started in March…March 13th to be exact.
My grandpa fell while at home and he must have hit his head pretty good. We took him to the hospital that night and after that things got bad. Eventually a tube had to be put in his head to keep the fluid from building up around his brain. At this point it was over. He wasn’t Grandpa anymore. He was the man he never wanted to be. The words nursing home and hospice filled his hospital room and even though he couldn’t talk I know he heard.

On March 28th he was put into Hospice…a bitter sweet day on many accounts. March 28, 1979 was the day that my Grandmother (I never met her) died. My Grandmother was my Grandpa’s heart and soul so for this to happen on that anniversary was incredibly ironic. On top of that irony, the 28th of March is also my mom’s birthday. Crazy how the world works.

So Grandpa was in Hospice for less than 48 hours and he decided he was done. He passed away early Monday morning, March the 30th of 2009. Heartbreaking. I miss him something terrible! He truly was the glue that held that side of the family together.
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The beginning of our summer was busy. We had a wedding to go to and a couple mini trips but mostly it was full of trying to help my dad and his sister with my grandpa’s farm. (it is on the market now) We had a trip to Arizona to visit Jeremy’s parents in July and that was great. A lot of fun.

July 20th…is when all the stuff happened with Jeremy. He scared me! :O) Mean hubby! He has always had some “bathroom issues” always thought it was because of his lovely eating habits. Well that morning he saw blood…lots of blood. We immediately went to the urgent care facility. He walked out of there with a diagnoses of hemorrhoids, we were happy that we finally got an answer BUT we were wrong. His GI doc wanted to see him for a colonoscopy…Jeremy was not thrilled, I do not blame him! So after that procedure. We got the real and final diagnosis.

Jeremy has Ulcerative Colitis. This is basically ulcers all over his colon. These will never go away but the inflammation and flair ups can be controlled by medication. Now that we are 2 months into him being on medication he is feeling better! YAY!!

It was a rough road at first. The first medication that they gave him made the symptoms worse, he became anemic and sick. The second medication “scary drug” was exactly that! Scary. It was an immune suppressant that broke down his immune system. He felt even worse and had days were he couldn’t walk, on top of that this drug had many warnings about trying to conceive while on this drug and the awful long term effects of it. Like I said…SCARY! So finally he was off of that! And now he is on 1 drug that he takes 3 times a day and it works. He is “normal”! The last month has been great! Thankful is a great word. I think Jeremy feels so much better and now we are moving on and hopefully he will be healthier now.
Photobucket Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness Owl...too cute!

So now it is Fall. Spring and Summer are gone and this year is going terribly fast. The last 6 months have been hard but we are simply moving on. Ready for this new season and hoping for lots of fun, laughter, love and joy.

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  1. Very well written! Glad things are looking up. Love reading this!!! Woo hoo!


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