Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Halloween Costume!

Well we are having a Halloween Party this year. I am really excited and I have already purchased most of my costume.
I had a hard time decided what to be but it was decided that I would be a Flapper!
I already bought the dress, the wig, the head piece and the long cigarette holder. All I need is some bright red lipstick and a boa. Here is a picture of the dress I got. I will probably have to wear a long sleeved shirt under it because of the Colorado weather but it will still look great. Jeremy is planning on being Edward Scissorhands. I am sure his costume will end up being great as well.
The next thing we have to do is plan what we are decorated our house like and what we will be serving at our Halloween Party. We have 1 month to plan. I love it!!

Here we go!

Been way too long…again!
I have a lot to say today.

First, I really do not want to be at work today. I am sleepy and unmotivated which only leads to a crappy slow day at work. Boo!

Second, I would like to tell you about a young man (25 years old) who I went to school with for 3 years. Cody was a funny and outgoing person. He always had a smile on his face. It is hard to think about Cody now because he was taken from his family and friends on Sunday. As funny as the Swine Flu parodies are it is hard to laugh at them now. Cody died from the Swine Flu. He was only 25. So sad. His service is on Saturday. Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. RIP Cody.

Third, I decided to email my doctor this morning about some really low basal body temperatures that I have getting for the last 5 days. My lowest was this morning. 95.95. Too low!! I am concerned because I did some research and the low temperatures are known to be caused by Hypothyroidism. I would really like to get this checked out soon just so I have some peace of mind. Hypothyroidism can lead to infertility so we do not want that!! As soon as I get an appointment I will have the updates. All of this would explain why I am so sleepy all the time and why I can’t seem to drop weight even with working out and eating healthy.

Forth, Wellness Challenge. Doing good this week so far. 120 minutes as of yesterday. YAY!! Last week I wasn’t as on top of it but there is always room for improvement. Lol Hanging in there though.

Fifth, got together with my old youth group on Sunday. It was a lot of fun to catch up with some old friends and hear about their lives and see their significant others too. It was hard though too. One of the youth members, Joe, was not able to attend. He has been fighting cancer for over 2 years now and unfortunately his battle is almost at an end. He decided to stop Chemo at the beginning of September and since then they did a PET scan and his entire chest is black. The cancer is winning and he has come to terms with that. He has signed Hospice papers and has all of his paper work done and now is just focusing on his wife and his 2 year old son. He is 28. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Why? Why does this happen to good people? Prayers go to him and his family for patience, love, happiness and faith. When something like this comes up in life it truly makes me thankful for what and who I have in my family. Never take anything for granted.

Well I guess I didn’t have as much to talk about as I thought I did. But that’s all that is coming to my mind right now. Maybe more will show up later. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend Update...well Monday too!

Well I am a slacker I guess, I fell of the blogging wagon for a couple of days but I am back now with lots of updates!
This weekend was a great get-a-way for Jeremy and I, we just the relaxing time at the cabin for one last time this year. We got to see the changing colors of the Aspen which is a great reminder of the changing seasons. I am ready for fall and fall is certainly here in Colorado for this week! Yesterday the high was only 54 degrees! Rainy and cold too and some people even saw some snow falling! Crazy!! But I am ready!!

So the weekend was relaxing but we had some car trouble…Jeremy’s car. It is a long story but it came down to yesterday deciding to buy a new car for him and trade in the old one. So last night we went to the Honda dealership we always work with and at 8pm we drove off in the new car!! I will post pictures soon.
It is a 2009 Honda Civic, we drove off the lot with 10 miles on it!! Brand spanking new baby!! It is a Royal Blue Pearl color so it is really pretty. We hate that we have a larger car payment now but we know that this car will be much better for Jeremy and all of the driving he does. Good thing we had a relaxing weekend so that we could deal with this on a Monday! HA!

When we got home from the dealership I had a package in the mail from! So excited to open it and try my new Acne treatment soap. I used it last night and this morning and I love it. The aroma is great too. If you go to this website you can pay just shipping and handling and get 5 free samples of their products so I have lots of samples too! For 15% off your order of anything but samples just input BESTSAMPLES in the coupon line. Worth it! I am really hoping this soap works for me, being off the pill really messes with my face! No fun!

Wellness Challenge Update: Last week I had a total of 285 minutes of working out! Not bad!!
This week…zero!! BAD!! I need to get to it. Tonight we will go to the gym and work out and watch the Biggest Loser…great motivation while working out. I really need to step it up this week.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Swine Flu? No thank you!

It is September 18th, time for fall weather, fall food, fall decorations and apparently fall germs! I work in a school environment AKA Germ Factory and usually we have an outbreak of colds, strep and the flu in December or maybe November but NOT September!! There are 2 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in our school today plus a number of staff and kiddos with strep, colds and the flu. It just seems too early for this type of outbreak. In Colorado this summer we have been talking about how mild and wet of a summer we had and how this winter could be full of snow lots of snow (which I am excited about) and now I wonder if the number of viruses will be a lot higher this fall and winter now too. Oh joy! Well I am staying in my little corner today and waiting out this week so I get home to my house with my own germs!

Jeremy and I are heading up to the cabin this weekend, it is our last weekend this summer we will be going up. It is perfect timing though because the fall colors of the Aspen will be changing when we are up there. I hope to get some great pictures this weekend of all the fall colors. So we are both ready for the weekend, time to relax and take in some cooler weather. And the best part about this weekend…Melting Pot on Sunday!!! YES!! We are going with my friend and her boyfriend. I can’t wait, haven’t had Melting Pot since December, so we are in need! Yummy!

Wellness Challenge Update: Was bad yesterday, only went for a 15 minute walk. BAD!! Tomorrow (Saturday) I will get a lot of walking and hiking in while we are up at the cabin. Still trucking! :O)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My new purchase and plan...

I just bought these really cute wine goblets from Pampered Chef and I already have a plan for their use. In November we will be having a wine and cheese party to kick off the holiday season! I can't wait to start planning. It will be a smaller party than our usual so it will be nice and cozy. Here is a picture of the wine goblets! What do you think? Pretty cute right? :O)
So as the party nears I will make sure to update you all on our plans. Exciting! I love party planning!

Wellness Challenge: Still in the game. Went to the gym last night for another hour work out plus did the 30 day shred at home, well only 15 minutes of it because Jeremy got home earlier than I expected. Anyways I proud of what I have done so far. I was a little upset this morning when I got on the scale and gained back that pound I lost but it is okay. Progress!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 years and Thankful

Tuesday is here, which means we are one day closer to Friday. Is it bad that on Monday I wish for the weekend? Don’t get me wrong I love my job but staying in bed and bumming around the house just sounds so much nicer!
Speaking of my job, as of September 12th I have been at the agency for 4 years! Crazy how time goes so fast. 4 years is a long time to be at one job but I just enjoy the agency I work for so much. I do not do direct care with our kiddos but I know that the work I do every day helps the agency stay open and help the at risk/abused/neglected kiddos we serve.
But beyond that I am thankful for my job, in this economy it is rough and every day when we get up and complain about our job we should remember to be thankful we have a job.

Day 3 of the Wellness Challenge is today. So far so good. I have 120 minutes to log and I plan on adding another 60 minutes after tonight. Doing good!! I really have to keep focused and use this challenge to my advantage. The last year has been really stressful and the way I deal with that is by eating and being lazy. Well it shows. I have gained 40 pounds, which is only 13 pounds away from my heaviest…not good!! So I know what I need to do because I have done it before. As of today I am down 1 pound, not bad right!?! :O)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain Rain Come Back Again!

Good Morning! Well it is Monday again. The weekend went so fast but it was a great weekend. We had nothing planned, a weekend at home. What a change. On top of that it was like fall here over the weekend. The high on Saturday was 59! Crazy but so nice. I am ready for fall.

Friday we decided to have a mini date night. We ate at home then went to the gym for a work out and then went to the movies to see Julie Julia. A must see! I loved it. I think more Ironic think about the movie was all of the 9/11 talk and Friday was 9/11. Weird! But you all should see this movie. Saturday and Sunday were just lazy days as well. Love it.

Well yesterday started the Wellness Challenge at work. I went to the gym for an hour work out so that was a great start. Hopefully this Wellness Challenge helps me stay focused and motivated to keep hitting the gym everyday. Of course I will keep you updated on that journey.

I can't believe it is Monday already. Hopefully this week goes fast because this weekend we are heading up to the cabin for our last cabin trip of the summer. The Aspen in the mountains will be so colorful and changing so it will be a perfect weekend to head up the hill.

On to working...Have a good day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th, 2009

8 years ago the country was shocked, we were hurt, scared and full of pain. 8 years ago. It doesn't seem like it has been that long ago. I remember exactly where I was 8 years ago today. Walked into my dorm room at college and heard the TV's down the hall, I could tell something was wrong. Turned my TV on and bam...our world was changed forever. I was a freshman in college that day, only out of my parents house for a couple of weeks so I was a little scared but with my dorm-mates we grew. I think that day we all grew up a little bit. 18 years old and learning about death. I remember it reminded me of the day Columbine happened and living in Colorado Columbine always hits hard. What a horrible day to remember. So it has been 8 years, time to remember and honor those that lost their life that day!

On a lighter note today is Friday! Something to be thankful about. Our plans for the weekend are pretty low key, which I am so excited about! Tonight we are going to the movies to see Julie and Julia. Looks good. Tomorrow we are planing to work in the yard and get things ready for fall. It will be a perfect day for yard work because it is only going to be in the high 60's! Love it! Sunday I have a baby shower to go to. Another fever!

Working out - I do not enjoy it BUT I am very proud of myself and DH (darling husband). :O) We have had a gym membership for 4 months now and for the first 2 we were there almost every day and then life took hold and we just stopped. Well this week we got into it again, just in time for a Wellness Challenge at my work! Here are my accomplishments so far this week: Tuesday = 1 hour on bike, Wednesday = 1 hour on bike, Thursday = 30 minutes stair climber/30 minutes on bike. We are going tonight before the movie too!! Work it!!

Baby talk - yup it is official we are TTC (Trying to Conceive). DH is off of his meds that would hold us back so here we are. Updates to come. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this journey may not be easy. And thank you to all of the ladies on thebump - it is a wonderful message board that helps with questions, concerns and just fun!

Well that is my second post for the day! Think I should get to work? ;o) LOL

Looks like I am blogging now...

My first entry!!
After many attempts at this blogging thing I decided to get serious, I mean everyone else is doing it! HA! So here is my first post. This blog will be about our life, fun, thoughts, weight loss and our baby journey. Thanks to everyone who is reading this. I hope this blog can help us stay in touch and help me do the daily journals that I miss greatly.

For those of you that know me in real life please refain from using my real name/last name. Thanks much!!

More blogging to come!

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