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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday evening Jeremy and I attended my annual work holiday dinner (we always do it after the holidays so more people can attend). It includes dinner, drinks, fake casino night and prizes. It was a great start to the evening. After the party was over some of my close co-workers and I headed to our favorite Irish Pub downtown to continue the party and celebrate my birthday and another good friend’s birthday. It was a great night. We didn’t get home until 2am though and boy I was tired…exhausted really! LOL Not used to all that dancing and staying up past 10pm anymore! Saturday was a great day of rest and sleep! :O)

In pregnancy news…I got my Gestational Diabetes test results back….I PASSED!!! WOOT!! No 3 hour glucose testing for me! I really hope that is the last time I have to do that test, well until we have another! ;)

25 days until the BIG ULTRA SOUND! Counting down those days!

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  1. Sounds fun girl. Oh an yay for a healthy return on the test. So ready for the big ultrasound!!!! weeenis!


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