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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

365 days ago...

1 year!
It has been 365 days since my Grandpa Mumby passed away.

I miss him greatly, especially now that the due date comes closer and closer. I know he would be thrilled with the thought of a little great grandson. I intend to inform my son all about his great grandfather. Pictures and stories will have to do but I know that my Grandpa will always be with us.

So today is kind of hard, I woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my stomach, I am sure it is just grief showing its nasty head again. With the beautiful spring weather (78 degrees and sunny) I look forward to moving past this year marker with strength and anticipation for what is coming in the next 365 days.

We love you Grandpa and miss you something terrible. Only 99 days until your Great Grandson’s due date. I know you are smiling.


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  1. I know he is watching over you guys right now. I am sorry for the loss but I am happy to see that you know he is up there looking out for you always and for the little one on the way. Love you weenis!


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