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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

23 weeks already?

How far along? 23 weeks and loving it. I finally feel and look knocked up! ;o)

Weight gain/loss? +7 – ha! I told you all that I would gain lots of weight over vacation. Time to get back to the real world now!

Maternity clothes? Yup that’s basically all I wear now.

Stretchies? Nothing new this week.

Sleep? Lots of waking up to move but then I get right back to sleep – stupid heartburn is making it really hard to get to sleep.

Best moment this week? Jeremy feeling our little boy from the outside! Amazing! The kicks and movement are getting stronger everyday.

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: Having to go to the dentist yesterday – ouch! And I have to go back after the baby is born to have a root canal and crown done. Oy!

Movement? Yes! A lot before bed time. It is a great way to unwind for both Jeremy and I.

Food cravings? Chocolate Milk and fruit snacks.

Gender? Still a Boy! ;o)

Labor signs? none.

Belly button in or out? in

What I miss? Sleeping on my tummy and not having Heartburn every night.

What I am looking forward to? The weekend – registering and starting on the nursery.

Weekly wisdom? Vacation is amazing. I want to be on vacation again.

Milestones? Getting serious about names. We have it narrowed down to 4 right now.

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