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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alien Baby begins...

“Oh my gosh he is all over the place!”
This is what Jeremy said last night with big eyes and a huge smile. It was so funny to lay there and have him not only feel our little man kick but then be able to see him kicking as my tummy moved! Jeremy was getting mad at me for laughing because it was interfering with his entertainment.
I know he will just continue to get harder and stronger kicks so this will get even more entertaining for us both!

List update and additions:
1. Clean out the room (throw out the yucky guest bed, take down the bedside table, clean out the closet) - DONE!!
2. Buy Paint/chair rail – DONE!!
3. Paint – DONE!!
4. Put up chair rail – DONE!!
5. Buy and install new closet doors - DONE!!
6. Buy and install dimmer switch - DONE!!
7. Order/Buy/Install custom cordless blinds
8. Steam clean the carpet in the nursery – DONE!!
9. Register at Babies R US - DONE!!
10. Register at Target - DONE!!
11. Upload pictures to blog! Yes I have belly pictures finally! - DONE!!
12. Order crib - DONE!!
13. PICK A NAME!!! lol
14. Buy glider
15. Sew valence
16. Set up crib and dresser once delivered
17. Organize closet and dressers
18. New light bought/installed – DONE!!

We have a ton done on the nursery so far. All the painting is done, carpet is clean and now we are just waiting patiently (or at least trying to stay patient) for the furniture to be delivered!! Once the furniture is in the room it is going to feel so real!

I have pictures to post of the nursery, I will post tomorrow along with my 25 week belly shot…25 weeks. Wow!

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  1. yay! I can't wait for the picture post tomorrow!!


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