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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goals for this weekend

Well let the lists begin! We are back from vacation and that means it is time to get to work. This weekend is going to be full of preparing for baby Sawyer. Exciting! Tonight it begins, we are going to Home Depot to pick out the paint colors for the nursery. From there we will get a huge start on the room.

The List:
1. Clean out the room (throw out the yucky guest bed, take down the bedside table, clean out the closet) - DONE!!
2. Buy Paint/chair rail
3. Paint
4. Put up chair rail
5. Buy and install new closet doors
6. Buy and install dimmer switch
7. Order/Buy/Install custom cordless blinds
8. Steam clean the carpet in the nursery
9. Register at Babies R US
10. Register at Target
11. Upload pictures to blog! Yes I have belly pictures finally!
12. Order crib
13. PICK A NAME!!! lol

So that is the list so far. I know it will grow but I am hoping that this weekend we mark a TON of those things off of our list.
Saturday we are planning on going and registering!! So exciting for that. Thursday and Friday need to go really fast!

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