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Friday, March 26, 2010

The List...

List update and additions:
1. Clean out the room (throw out the yucky guest bed, take down the bedside table, clean out the closet) - DONE!!
2. Buy Paint/chair rail – DONE!!
3. Paint – DONE!!
4. Put up chair rail – DONE!!
5. Buy and install new closet doors - DONE!!
6. Buy and install dimmer switch - DONE!!
7. Order/Buy/Install custom cordless blinds
8. Steam clean the carpet in the nursery – DONE!!
9. Register at Babies R US - DONE!!
10. Register at Target - DONE!!
11. Upload pictures to blog! Yes I have belly pictures finally! - DONE!!
12. Order crib - DONE!!
13. PICK A NAME!!! lol
14. Buy glider - DONE!!
15. Sew valence - DONE!!
16. Set up crib and dresser once delivered
17. Organize closet and dressers
18. New light bought/installed – DONE!!

The list is becoming complete. I am hoping that by next weekend we have the crib and dresser all set up. **crosses fingers** Also we should really go and order our blinds. Maybe tonight...we will see.

Happy Friday! We are supposed to get more snow tonight and tomorrow. Joy. I am ready for Spring already! Come on go away snow.


  1. Everything is looking amazing and you look so good and super happy...just what I want to see!

  2. Snow?! Yowsers. Hope this weekend is productive for you guys :)


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