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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So needs to be done!!!

I decided I should write an entry today in hopes that it would keep me awake at my desk. I know I have said this before but this time change is really messing with me.

Jeremy and I have this plan to go home, get dinner cooking, tape the chair rail and trim, eat and then head to the gym but from the looks of it I might be taking a nap instead of going to the gym!

Speaking of the gym, we have been bad – REALLY bad – about going since I got pregnant. But we talked about it and decided that we both need to get back to getting more exercise because it is good for us and because on every 15th of the month $43 is coming out of our account to pay for the gym! LOL Well in saying that I know we should go tonight so maybe once I get outside and away from my desk I will have more energy to hit the treadmill! Wish me luck!

Yesterday was my 24 week appointment – tomorrow I will be 24 weeks.
The appointment went well, same as the other check-ins. Seems like we sit in the waiting room longer than the actual appointment takes. I guess that is a good thing. Our little boy is doing well though so that was great news. His heart rate was 156 which is the highest we have heard yet, he was moving all over the place when she was trying to find the heartbeat so I am sure that is why. It is so funny to think about him moving so much! Exciting!

Our next appointment will be on April 15th. That appointment will be longer and a little more involved. I will have to get the rh- shot and do the 1 hour glucose test…again! Let’s hope that everything comes back normal like it did at the 16 week 1 hour glucose test.

Well more tomorrow…picture included – I promise! :O)

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  1. I've been bad about the gym since I hit the 2nd trimester - you'd think I would've been bad about the gym during the 1st trimester! And holy crap, I'm jealous your gym costs half of what mine does!


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