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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update!

1. Clean out the room (throw out the yucky guest bed, take down the bedside table, clean out the closet) - DONE!!
2. Buy Paint/chair rail – DONE!!
3. Paint
4. Put up chair rail
5. Buy and install new closet doors - DONE!!
6. Buy and install dimmer switch - DONE!!
7. Order/Buy/Install custom cordless blinds
8. Steam clean the carpet in the nursery
9. Register at Babies R US - DONE!!
10. Register at Target - DONE!!
11. Upload pictures to blog! Yes I have belly pictures finally! - DONE!!
12. Order crib - DONE!!
13. PICK A NAME!!! lol

Well as you can we had a busy BABY weekend! :O) I am so excited, and nervous, about all of the things we accomplished and started this weekend. It is beginning to feel so real and so close. I know we are right on schedule with getting everything done but it seems like an awful lot to do in the next 3-4 months.

Jeremy got all of the green and tan painted this weekend and even got one wall done with chair rail. We are hoping to get the rest of the chair rails put up by tonight. After that is done we will need to paint the trim and chair rail white and then we are done painting! Jeremy was a busy guy this weekend but I know he loves doing it! It looks so great! I will add pictures tonight…

Oh registering – wow, that was a work out! LOL We were at Babies R Us from 11-1 doing this project. There are so many decisions to make but we did it. After Babies R Us we headed right to Target to build a smaller one there as well. Let’s just say that my legs, butt and back were killing me by the time we got home. I am so happy we are done with that piece though – it was fun decided what we want to use for our new little one.

I have my 24 week appointment today – I can’t wait to hear that heartbeat again!! I am a little worried about my weight gain the past 4 weeks, we will see what the doctor says. :O) I am pretty sure I have to get the Rh negative shot today, ummm ouch!!! Not looking forward to that.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the hour time change isn’t messing with you all too bad. All I can say is I’m sleepy!!


  1. I'm Rh-, too! My midwife does Rhogam at 28 weeks. I've gotten it with my other two pregnancies, but I'm thinking about declining this time. Long story. Good luck at your appointment!

  2. Wow that is a very busy weekend. We registered this weekend as well, and it was exhausting/overwhelming!


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