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Monday, July 26, 2010

Jude is 1 month old!

Yesterday, July 25th, marked Jude's 1 month birthday.


He is doing so well. In fact, Jeremy and I are pretty sure that we saw a "true" smile yesterday too! We were both talking to Jude and playing with his toes and he smiled a couple times. It was adorable! I really hope we get to see more smiles every day now.
He is also holding his head up a lot more now too...making burping very interesting! ;)
Last night I let him have some tummy time on his play mat, he was trying so hard to get that head up and look around. My goal is to have him have tummy time for at least 5 minutes every day or at least until he gets frustrated.

So that is his update for now. He is adorable and we are so in love.



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