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Friday, August 20, 2010

Already? Going Back to Work!

I can't believe these 8 weeks have gone so fast. I have mixed emotions at this point. I am so thankful for these past 8 weeks I have had with Turtle and know that I am so lucky to have had that time. I will start back to work on Tuesday the 24th. I will only be working part time for the next 6 weeks - again, so thankful for that option.

Like I said I have mixed emotions. I love being home with Jude but apart of me knows that I am a working girl. I miss having adult contact through out the day and miss my work relationships - oh and a paycheck!! I know that it will be super hard on Tuesday to leave Jude but I know it is for the best at this point.

Jude will be going to my parents house,they are both retired - thankful yet again! God is good! Thats all that has to be said! Things have really worked out for the best for us and Jude and my parents are so excited to watch him. They really want me to go back to work - thanks parents!!! lol

In the future, I would like to possible work part-time, I dont know if that will work at my current job but after talking to Jeremy about the possiblity I think we will try to make that work some day. We will see how it goes after I go back full time in October. Yikes!!

I really got annoyed with the "watch out it goes fast" comments but now I find myself saying every day! Before we know it he will be 1 year old! :(

So on Tuesday as I leave my parents house, I will remember that it goes fast - lets hope the work days do too!! :O)

Working Moms - give me your scoop. How do you balance your worklife with your baby life?


  1. I worked part time until Adeline was 8 mos. Just as you said, I loved it for the adult interaction and the opportunity to think about something other than baby and be someone other than mom. After 8 mos, we lost our babysitter (Dawn S) who I loved and fully trusted. I was starting to feel completely drained by that point anyway. It was too much to take care of high need kiddos at work and have anything left to give to my family at the end of the day. So I seized the opportunity to stay home full time. That was 3 1/2 yrs ago. Staying home wasn't exactly the best fit for me that first year or so, but now I wouldn't trade it. Anyway, I hope you get lots of good advice. It certainly is a tricky balance when you work outside the home. If I learned anything, it was to leave work at work and home at home. Easier said than done! Good luck!! :)

  2. I work at work and spend as much time with Eyan at work if possible. Not much else to it, but I REALLY wish I could work part-time. I love the adult contact, but I miss my little ninja more. -Laura


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