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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 Months Old!!!

I shared the professional pictures earlier, now here are the "offical" pictures!

3 Months already!


Monthly Survey - I want to start doing a monthly survey about what Jude is doing so we can remember exactly who he was at these milestones.

Weight: We dont have an offical weigh in until the end of October but we have weighed him at home and we think he is about 14 pounds!

Height: No height recorded BUT he is sooooo long!

New adventures: Swimming, cabin trip, visiting Daddy in the hospital and much more!

Food: Formula only - about 6 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours. Chuncker!

Sleep: AMAZING! We love you turtle! He sleeps from 9:30pm until about 6:30am every day! Sometimes we even have to wake you up if you decide to sleep in!

Milestones: Not rolling over yet. We can see 2 white bumps on your bottom gums so we think that is why you have been more fussy lately. Teeth already? Poor baby. Jude loves to stand up. He likes it betterthan sitting right now. He has really strong legs. Adorable! Talking - he loves to tell us things.

Big Yawn!

Visiting Daddy in the hospital. It was Jude's 3 month birthday that day. Cuddles with Daddy makes Daddy feel so much better! :O)

Compare the changes!

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  1. He is growing so much and so fast! We love that big guy!


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