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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Post

Tonight is Grey’s! I can’t wait! I am pretty much obsessed with Grey’s. I missed a lot of last season (I have since caught up) because we had our Birthing/Parenting Classes on Thursday’s and it just happened to fall on the last 4 Thursday’s that Grey’s was on last season. Boo! Well this season I am determined to stay up on them all.

My goal for today is this:
Eat Dinner
Workout – 45 minutes
Talk to the in-laws on Skype
Watch Grey’s
Put Turtle to bed
Go to bed early

Okay that list has to happen between the hours of 7:30am and 9:30pm!
Holy god!! HA!

And this is why working out usually gets pushed aside. But I am going to try! I am in a “Wellness Challenge” at work, I am not doing so hot so far. Oh well, I am trying – and damn it I have a 3 ½ month at home! What do you want from me??!?! LOL Okay really, I can do it.

Let’s see what else – told you it is random!

So we are talking about starting Jude on rice cereal soon. He is waking up during the middle of the night sometimes and it seems like he just needs a couple extra ounces of formula to hold him over, we are hopeful that adding some cereal will also curve this massive appetite of his. :O)

His 4 month appointment is on Tuesday October 26th, I am so excited – ok not excited for the shots but super excited to see where he is in the height and weight percentile! Big boy!

Okay, done rambling. I am so proud of my 14 days of blogging, I am so impressed with myself! Hopefully you are all finding my life interesting every once in a while!

Thanks for going with me on this crazy ride of RANDOM!!

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