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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A sigh of relief...

My family has been through a lot lately. A lot of scary health issues all at once. Thankfully we got some fantastic news yesterday about my little brother Jarrin.

Jarrin had a weird “lump” on his collarbone and went in for a consult and later found out that it was some sort of mass that would need to be looked at. That was scary enough but then later we found out that he also has another mass in this chest. We were so scared. The words that had been thrown around at the visit were – thyroid, cyst and lymphoma. Well he got his results from the biopsy and lab work and it is showing that the masses are benign. THANK GOD!!

Looks like he will have to have some sort of surgery in order to remove the masses but we haven’t heard a plan yet. His doctor will be back in town on the 26th.

So for those of you who were praying with us, thank you. And please for any of you out there reading this please continue to pray for a good plan of attack on those masses.

We are just thanking God for the “no cancer” call. :O)

Happy Saturday! Today Jeremy and I are headed to the “Denver Dinner” for my work. Should be a good evening. We get to get all dressed up and have a nice evening of good food, dancing and entertainment – for a great cause!

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