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Monday, October 11, 2010

Some of our favorite things…Part 1

I FINALLY decided to do these reviews...better late than never!

This post is for all of you future mothers, current mothers and for me so I remember for the next time what things we just couldn’t live without! This post and others to follow will have mini reviews for things we love! Now remember these are only our favorite things for the first 3 months!

I am sure more reviews will be coming as our little Turtle grows! :O)

**these reviews are for personal use only, I am in no way promoting any certain product**

Electric Sanitizer

Product we used: Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Steam Sterilizer

Why we love this: We hesitated to put this on our registry when we were registering because we wondered if we would ever really get good use out of it. Well I am sooooo happy that we decided to add it to the list and that my mother-in-law purchased it for us. We used this product at least 2 times a day the first 2 months of Jude’s life. I was pumping and we were also supplementing with formula so we had a TON of bottles, nipples, and breast pump accessories that needed to be washed and sanitized daily. If we didn’t have this sanitizer we would have been so much busier throughout the day or we would have had to buy more bottles, nipples and pump accessories. This product is a little pricey but it you are planning on pumping, this is so convenient. I have stopped pumping so we do not have as many things to sanitize every day BUT we still do run this sanitizer every other day to get the bottles ready for use. I never worry about bottles not being clean with this item. It is super easy to use and really portable too – we took it to our cabin and it wasn’t a hassle at all. Oh and it is so fast, 6 minutes and the bottles are sanitized! What more could you ask for? So much easier than boiling water! LOL


Product we used: Summer Infant SwaddleMe Cotton Knit Adjustable Infant Wrap

Why we love this: We have 2 of these in the small/medium size that we use every night and for naps. He is about 25 inches long and 15 pounds and we have been using this small/medium size for about 2 months. He loves being swaddled nice and tight, that is why we are still using the smaller ones. We do have the large size BUT he didn’t stay swaddled when we used that one. So we will be using these until he is a couple pounds heavier. Jude sleeps through the night when we use this swaddler, and has since he was 8 weeks old! I really cannot stress how much we love these! It has helped us get a great sleep pattern, both for Jude and us!! :O) Also for summer babies these cotton swaddlers are perfect, not too hot at all! For winter time we will probably buy one of the fleece ones for those cold Colorado nights! I am an advocate for swaddling – some people have told us to stop but we just do not understand their reasoning’s at this point. He loves being held tight and if he gets him the sleep he needs that is all we care about.

Boppy Lounger

Product we used: Boppy Newborn Lounger

Why we love this: Jeremy’s cousin gave us her lounger to borrow when we first had Jude. It was perfect for him! He fit so well in it and loved being up off the floor or bed a little bit just to look around or even take a quick cat-nap. We used this daily for about the first 10 weeks of Jude’s life. It was an easy way to grab lunch or even a quick shower and know he was safe and happy. I would recommend getting one of these from a second hand store as they are a little pricey for the amount of time we used it! Next time we will try to find one on clearance or something if we don’t have a friend or family member to borrow one from.

Bouncy Chair

Product we used: Fisher Price Precious Planet Bouncer

Why we love this: Oh man! We should have bought this earlier!! Jude loves it!! And so does Mommy!! He loves talking to the animals and hearing the fun music! The price is hard to beat! 40 bucks at Target!! Nice!! I put Jude in this when I take a shower, he just sits in the chair in the bathroom and talks and giggles and sometimes drifts to sleep. The vibrations really help him relax. It is small enough to move around the house, unlike the swing so it is perfect on days when I am trying to clean house or work from home. Oh and it is the cutest thing when he laughs at the Monkey, Lion, Hippo and Elephant!! It is adorable!! It is like he really thinks they are talking to him. Love it!

Something to leave off the registry?

Blankets!!!!! Holy blankets!! I went crazy when we decided on Classic Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme, I bought about 3 Winnie the Pooh blankets plus we added some on our registry (plain old blankets) AND we got about 5 as gifts – all handmade ones! I LOVE the handmade ones, they mean so much more to us so if I could do it all over again we wouldn’t buy any of the blankets ourselves or put any on our registry! People who are crafty usually figure out a way to give you something special and handmade – usually a blanket! So wait until after the showers and the birth and decide if you need more! :O)
Instead of blankets add burp cloths!! We go through so many burp cloths! I only put 1 package on our registry and that is all we got…believe me we have had to buy more! HA!!

Well that is Part 1 of Our Favorite Things! YAY!!

What are your favorite things?

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