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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Updates - some good some bad.

Some updates:

Now that the holidays have past, it is time to update you on the “real” life happenings. By real life I mean the stuff that no one really wants to blog about or even talk about. But as many of you know this is my sounding board and journal so it must be talked about! Here we go!

My Aunt Jeannie, my mom’s older sister, passed away on Wednesday December 22nd. It is very bittersweet. My Aunt was very sick. I can’t really describe how sick because there wasn’t ever a real diagnosis for her. It has been a struggle for her for probably the last 5 or 6 years. The last 2 years have been bad. There were a number of times that we all thought we would be saying goodbye to her and then she would pull through and return home. Like I said, in the last 2 years her life was hard so for her to pass is somewhat of a relief for me. I know some of my family would disagree. The last 2 months have been really bad, she was in a hospital for a month after a risky surgery and then in a nursing home/rehab center for another month before she passed.

It was a hard Christmas not having her around but I took heart in thinking of her in heaven with her Mom and Dad (my grandparents) with strength and health that her body hasn’t had for years and years. Her body failed her, it sucks but she is out of pain and I am so happy that God gave her the relief that no pain medications could have given.

It is my hope that now my mom can focus on herself (may sound selfish) and enj0y her retirement. My mom worried daily about my Aunt and her health. She was running around with her at least 1 time a week taking her to the doctors and because of that my mom aged. I can see it. It was hard work. So I hope my mom can relax a little – with time of course!

On top of Aunt Jeannie dying on the 22nd, my brother also started his chemotherapy treatments. Talk about a day full of new beginnings. Yikes! Might as well just take it all in at once! He did really great with his treatment though. So far so good. He is counting down. Only 7 more treatments – plus 4 weeks of radiation! That is a great way to look at it. ;)

We did get fantastic news about his cancer though. His official diagnosis is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 2a favorable. This means early stage cancer!!!! Great news!! :O) We are hoping that his treatments will go just as great as this first one did. Thoughts and prayers for everyone please!!

As 2011 approaches I am reminded of why family is important. They keep you grounded. Through all of this Jeremy and Jude keep me sane and loved. I am lucky!

So that is the update!

~~Love your family – love your friends. Hold them tight and remember to say I love you often.~~

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