Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The NAME!!!! and Maternity photos

Yup it is offical! We have a name. :O)

Jude Robert





Just a sample of the maternity photos we took. Target did a great job. I was very pleased with them and the price.

Bump Update - such a slacker I know!

A little late I know but hey at least I am updating now! :O)

37 weeks! Full term!! Looking very pregnant now! :O)

How far along? 37 weeks 6 days - tomorrow will be 38 weeks! Holy crap!

Weight gain/loss? +18!! Well I passed the 15 pound mark but I am still proud of my weight gain actually. :O)

Maternity clothes? Yup that’s all I wear now.

Stretchies? Oh yes...lots of them on my tummy now.

Sleep? Getting harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Only having to get up 1 time through out the night to use the bathroom so I really can't complain about that.

Best moment this week? Last week we had a shower at Jeremy's work. It was a lot of fun! And we picked a name!! Jude Robert it is!
The yummy cake.

Just some of the gifts we got. His co-workers are amazing!

WORST MOMENT THIS WEEK: The feeling of Jude being on my rectum! So not comfortable. You think the bladder is bad. Yikes!

Movement? Oh yes, he is a mover and a shaker! More and More.

Food cravings? Chocolate Milk! Wonder if this will ever go away? lol

Gender? Still a Boy! ;o)

Labor signs? Braxton Hicks, cramps (feels like period cramps) and just being achy.

Belly button in or out? in but getting kind of shallow.

What I miss? Sleeping on my tummy and not having Heartburn every night.

What I am looking forward to? The Rockies vs. Red Sox's game tomorrow night - hold off buddy!!!

Weekly wisdom? Go to bed early and take lots of baths. :O) So relaxing.

Milestones? Hitting full term (37 weeks)!!!! And now, tomorrow, hitting 38 weeks!

I promise I will post more pictures! :O)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Things we do for fun...

So we got our Baby Bjourn...our Pun-kin kitty let us try it out! :O) He loves us!



Jeremy is already a pro on how to get the baby or kitty into the carrier. LOL

My Work Shower

My co-workers had a shower for Jeremy and me last month. It was a lot of fun and we made out with some great gifts! Thank you guys!! :O) Dont you love the cake??


It was a great shower. So lucky to work with so many great people!!!

Picture Updates


33 week picture


34 week picture

I was a slacker last week and didnt take a picture. My 36 week picture will be taken on Wednesday.

Feeling good at this point. The heat is getting to me a little bit but overall I cannot complain.
We finished our last birthing class on Thursday, we both enjoyed the classes and feel like we are a little more prepared for what will be coming soon! :O)

We got our maternity photos taken last weekend, I will be posting those soon too. Target did a great job.

More to come!!

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