Building Our Story: July 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Weight loss - the phrase that I have battled for most of my life. Here we are again. I do not have the "I'm pregnant I will deal with it after delivery" excuse anymore. I am pleased with my weight loss since delivering Jude but now it is time to get serious and get down to my lowest weight I have ever been before. That is my goal at least.

I have found it really hard to get up early enough in the morning to get on a walk before it gets too damn hot outside so I really want to work on that. I go back to work in 1 month so I would really like to see a difference in my weight by that time. That is my first goal at least. :O)


20 pounds gained in pregnacy

19 of those pounds lost as of today! (Again totally pleased with this, so many other women do not reach their pre-pregnancy weight for months and even years)

By August 25th (2 months since delivery) down a total of 25 pounds - thats 6 pounds in about a month!!!

Take a walk at least 5 times a week with Jude.

I have my 6 week appointment with my doctor which she should say I can start working out again. Once I get the go - start riding the exercise bike while Jude is taking his morning nap at least 3 times a week.

I hope to use this blog to keep me focused on these goals.

As for food - I hope that with me staying more active and busy while Jude is naping that it will help me from picking up food an stuffing it in my mouth just because it gives me something to do. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jude is 1 month old!

Yesterday, July 25th, marked Jude's 1 month birthday.


He is doing so well. In fact, Jeremy and I are pretty sure that we saw a "true" smile yesterday too! We were both talking to Jude and playing with his toes and he smiled a couple times. It was adorable! I really hope we get to see more smiles every day now.
He is also holding his head up a lot more now too...making burping very interesting! ;)
Last night I let him have some tummy time on his play mat, he was trying so hard to get that head up and look around. My goal is to have him have tummy time for at least 5 minutes every day or at least until he gets frustrated.

So that is his update for now. He is adorable and we are so in love.



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The things that don't even phase me anymore...

1. Having 4 ounces of newly swallowed formula come right at me - all over my shirt, pants and face.
2. Getting peed on - now it is almost funny when it happens.
3. Explosive poop bombs while changing Jude. You have to get fast at these changes!! Takes practice!
4. Burps in my ear - I find it kinda cute now!
5. Dinner converstations with my husband that include poop, pee and farts.

Oh the world we live in.

Parenthood - I LOVE IT!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Mommy and Jude

Today marks the first day that Jeremy had to return to work. It was a hard morning for us all. Jeremy actually had to get up and get moving, after 3 weeks of some lazy mornings it was hard. It was also hard for him to say goodbye this morning and as I sit here I am thinking about how weird it is that Jeremy isnt here today. I know we were so lucky to have that 3 weeks together so I am happy that we got it but damn it went fast!
I will be off for another 5 weeks, I am so happy I get the 8 weeks with my little Turtle.

So Jude is 3 weeks and 3 days today. Again, how fast is this going!?!?
I am starting his scrapbook today. I love it so far. I really hope I can keep up with it once I return to work, because it would be so special for him to have a Jude scrapbook for the 1st year of his life. :O)

I can already see the changes in Jude over the last week. He is getting so big! I really want to know how much weight he has gained but we wont be going to the doctor for him until the 19th of August for his 2 month check up. Bummer. He is getting a really strong neck, burping him is getting fun! He tries to lift his head and he will for a good amount of time but then all of a sudden his head must get to heavy because down it goes!! LOL

Puppy Outfit, adorable!

First bath!!

How you doin? This makes me laugh everytime I look at it!

Such a big boy.

All ready to go to Daddy's softball game.

Yesterday we did something that was really hard but something that has needed to be done for many months. We went to my grandfather's farm to spread his ashes. The farm is under contract right now and we are praying that the contract follows through and that the farm finally sells. It was hard to spread the ashes and think that this is possibly the last time we would be visiting the farm because it could be closed on with in the month! It was a lot of closure but we all know we need to get it sold. I am happy that Jude got to go with us though. Even though Grandpa isnt there anymore I think having pictures of Jude with us in front of the farm will be really special later on in his life when we tell him all about his Great-Grandpa Bob. :O)
At Great-Grandpa's Farm.

Weight update:
I am down to my starting pre-pregnancy weight. In total I am down 20 pounds since the birth. I am hoping to lose another 5-8 pounds before my appointment on August
5th! In order to do that I have to stop snacking and taking more walks! LOL I can't wait until I can get on the exercise bike - cardio please!!

Pumping/Formula Update:
Still pumping, still only getting about 1 ounce of milk per pumping session. Anything is better than nothing! That is what I keep telling myself. :O) He is eating about 4 ounces per feeding now. Hungry Turtle!!

They call me Turtle...dont touch my turtle please!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Lil Turtle...named Jude

Well I am finally updating the blog, well at least a better post than the last one.

Jude is 2 weeks and 4 days old today. It is already going really fast. I can't believe how much he has changed too. So this is going to be a long post.

Birth Story:
On Thursday June 24th, I started to notice that I was able to time my PMS like cramps. This started at 11am at work. I had a regular scheduled appointment later in the day so I wasnt too worried about the crampy feelings. At work they were about 8-10 minutes apart and I was able to talk and move and work so again, not concerned! I went to the restroom at around 1pm and I had a huge blood clot in my underware. Scared me!! I hadnt had any bleeding while pregnant so I was scared. I went back to my desk and called Jeremy to let him know I would be calling the nurse line. I called the nurse line, they told me that I could go in early for my appointment just to check me out.
I got to the doctor around 2pm. I was checked internally at around 2:15. I wasnt dilated at ALL!! Completely closed! I was 40% effaced though. The doctor said that I was probably in early labor but not in active labor. After the internal check the doctor did say that she was worried about the blood because it was more than what they usually like to see. I was sent for an ultra sound to check to see if the placenta was breaking down, it wasnt. The baby looked perfect. After that I was send to do a Non-stress Test. This took 20 minutes and those "cramps" they werent cramps, they were contractions! LOL They were now 5 minutes apart, Jeremy and I started getting worried - like should we be going to the hospital?? The doctor said no, the contractions were only lasting 20-30 seconds and not strong enough. So I was sent home around 5pm. Jeremy and I went to dinner with my parents and the contractions were getting worse but still nothing that took my breath away. We went home after dinner and did some little things around the house. Jeremy got the car seat in the car and I made sure my bag was all packed. Around 9:15pm I decided that I needed to shave my legs, prioties - I KNOW!! ;O) While I was shaving another HUGE blood clot landed in the tub. I was done. We called the nurse line again, this nurse said being that this is my first baby I should go in. So we went in!!!
Got to the hospital at about 10pm. At 10:15pm they checked me - I was 100% effaced and at at 3! In a matter of hours I had progressed to a 3! Crazy! Well they couldnt admit me at a 3 so I had 2 hours to walk and get to a 4 or a 5. So Jeremy and my mom and I walked those halls for 2 hours. The contractions were getting harder and harder. When I would get a contraction I would have to stop and lean on the wall or counter top. By 12:15am (Friday the 25th) I was at a 5!! YAY!! Admitted!

Us after I got the drugs!!!

By 4:30am I had had enough of the pain. I got the epi. It was the best choice I made. I made it to a 7 and I am proud of that! I slept until 6:30am. At 7am they checked me and I was at a 10 but my water hadnt broken. Because of the shift change they waited until 8:30am to break my water. At 9:35am I started pushing and at 10:57am Friday June 25th Jude Robert Sawyer was born!!

He is here!!

Our Family.

Me and my baby boy.

Tummy time with Mommy.

Jude in his going home was a little big but so cute on him.

All ready to go home!

The last 2 weeks:
Jeremy has been home with us for the last 2 weeks as well. It has been so nice having our whole family bonding. He will return to work on Monday. We will miss him. I will get to stay with Jude until August 25th. I am sure it will go really fast.
We have had to suppliment with formula with Jude. My body is not producing enough milk for him. I am still pumping and giving him what I produce. I plan on doing this until at least I go back to work. It is a lot of work doing the pumping thing but I want him to get as much breastmilk as possible.
We had his 2 week appointment on Thursday the 8th. He weighed in at 8 pounds 5 ounces. Growing turtle!!! He is healthy and normal and that is all we can ask for!
We had his newborn pictures done on the 9th - he is exactly 2 weeks in those pictures. They turned out amazing! We got them done at Target. It was so hard to choose which ones we wanted to buy.


Everything is going well with all 3 of us. WE have gone on a ton of walks and outtings. He is a traveling baby! We like that.
So I hope you all enjoy some pictures and updates.
I hope to continue to update at least weekly!

Jeremy, Censie and Jude

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jude Robert Sawyer

He is here! I promise to post soon. We have so many updates.

Jude Robert Sawyer
June 25th 10:57am
7 pounds 14 ounces
20 inches long

Everyone is happy and healthy. Just busy as heck! :O)

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