Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall 2010

We decided that we had to take some fall pictures of Jude. So we did the traditional pose of a baby sitting in a pumpkin. I am so pleased with what we came up with. We went to a local park with really pretty fall leaves and had ourselves a little photo shoot! Jude did fantastic! I love all of the pictures but these are a few of the best.


Fun with Colorsplash! So cute! I love his little winter hat.

Can we please be done now! ;) He did great!


Fall 2010 with Jude. We can't wait to play in the leaves with him next year. Oh the changes we see daily!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1 Year ago today I saw this and smiled!


On October 28, 2009 I took a pregnancy test when I got home from work and it showed I was pregnant! I was so shocked, I didnt even think it was going to be positive but it was! I was so happy but not really sure if it was correct. I didnt tell Jeremy about the positive test that night. It happened to be a really snowy evening which ended up being a snow day the next day - October 29th. I got a snow day, Jeremy didnt. I took another $tree test that morning and sure enough, positive! I decided it was time to spend the big bucks, so I braved the weather and headed to Walgreens to get a digital test. On the way home I decided to stop at Kohl's and buy a cute baby outfit for surprising Jeremy if the digital test came back positive too.


I left this on the kitchen table for Jeremy to see when he got home! I was so excited to see his reaction! He cried. It was so much fun. We couldnt wait to tell our parents - so we went over to my parents and let them know. Tears and screaming! It was great. That night we got on the webcam to let Jeremy's folks know too! More tears and screaming!!

The planning began. The excitment set in. And the constant nervousness was there. We were expecting a baby! We had no idea how blessed we would be. We are so in love with Jude and couldn't see our life with out him now.

Estimated Due Date = 7/10/2010
Real time arrival - 6/25/2010

We love you baby Jude!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Denver Dinner 2010

On October 23rd Jeremy and I went to the annual Denver Dinner. This dinner supports my agency, Tennyson Center for Children, here in Denver.

These were real people! Crazy!

This year the theme of the dinner was "A Night at the Oscars". It was a wonderful date night for the hubs and I and it was a great evening for Tennyson Center as well.


I havent heard the grand total of what was donated but there were over 800 people there supporting the work we do every day. It was great!
We can't wait to see what is in store for next year!

My girls!

"Prom" picture! Such a great group of friends! We are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Courtney and I all dressed up and ready to have a great evening.

One of the many "Red Carpet" photo shoots that took place! Work it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 4 month stats

This morning we headed to the doctor's office for Jude's 4 month check-up.

Here are the stats:
Weight - 16 pounds 11 ounces (84%)
Height - 26 1/2 inches (93%)
Head - 17 inches (76%)

The doctor said he is a healthy boy and is ready for rice cereal!
So I am going to go buy some cereal tonight after work and we might try it tonight, depending on how cranky he is this evening because of his shots. After a couple weeks of cereal we will get to start on fruits and veggies! Again, so exciting! Such a big boy!

He was a trooper with his shots again this morning. Had to get 3 of them, he screamed but by the time we were at the car he was settled down and sleeping. It is hard to see him upset but I know it is the best for him. We will go back in December for his 6 month check-up.

I can't believe he is already 4 months old and ready for food. Time really does go fast.

The doctor called him a hoss, well I think he is one cute hoss and I love my little hoss!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Turtle is 4 Months Old!

Jude is 4 Months Old Today! I know every mother says this so I have every right to follow the crowd - "it goes so fast! Too fast!"

Jude has his 4 month appointment tomorrow so I will update with stats then. For now, here are some pictures. Oh the changes we have seen in just the last couple weeks.


Look at those rosie cheeks...teething probably.

Eating my toy turtle. Give it to me!

Jude - you are 4 months old today. I remember exactly what I was doing the morning of June 25th like it happened yesterday. I am amazed at what you have become in this short time. Mommy loves you!

At 4 months:You found your witching hour - 7:30pm-8:30pm
You still drink between 4 and 6 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours
You are soooo close to rolling over
You talk all the time
You love "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes"
You still sleep through the night - knock on wood!
You love your lion blankie
You smile all the time - even to strangers.

Tomorrow is the appointment we will find out about starting soilds! Mommy is so excited. :O)

Love you Turtle!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A sigh of relief...

My family has been through a lot lately. A lot of scary health issues all at once. Thankfully we got some fantastic news yesterday about my little brother Jarrin.

Jarrin had a weird “lump” on his collarbone and went in for a consult and later found out that it was some sort of mass that would need to be looked at. That was scary enough but then later we found out that he also has another mass in this chest. We were so scared. The words that had been thrown around at the visit were – thyroid, cyst and lymphoma. Well he got his results from the biopsy and lab work and it is showing that the masses are benign. THANK GOD!!

Looks like he will have to have some sort of surgery in order to remove the masses but we haven’t heard a plan yet. His doctor will be back in town on the 26th.

So for those of you who were praying with us, thank you. And please for any of you out there reading this please continue to pray for a good plan of attack on those masses.

We are just thanking God for the “no cancer” call. :O)

Happy Saturday! Today Jeremy and I are headed to the “Denver Dinner” for my work. Should be a good evening. We get to get all dressed up and have a nice evening of good food, dancing and entertainment – for a great cause!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I never knew how many wonderful, beautiful and amazing women dealt with infertility until we started our own “Trying to Conceive” (TTC) journey.

I was curious about the journey Jeremy and I were stepping into and because of that I came across the website called . On this website there are forums that range from TTC, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimesters, Trouble conceiving, after baby, after miscarriages, ect.

While I “lurked” on thebump I read about so many woman trying for years for that one viable pregnancy – I read about the heartbreaks of a negative pregnancy test and even saw the tears of many women that later found out that their precious baby wasn’t alive anymore. It tears my heart apart reading these stories – it also makes me so thankful for Jude and for the healthy pregnancy I had. This is something that has bothered me for over a year now. Why do some women not have the ease of motherhood. Sure there are other options, adoption, IVF and surrogacy. Do you know how much those cost!?!? Not such an easy option. And even those fall through. Not fair! I pray that those I met and still talk with will one day get that BIG FAT POSITIVE test and in 9 months have a beautiful baby boy or girl. And I pray that those that never get that opportunity will have another opportunity to be that mother they desperately want to be.

So with that say a prayer today, a prayer for those that have not become mothers yet, for those that have lost a baby, for those who are still waiting and especially for those little ones that have become angels. Much love to everyone.

On a side note…

I met a great group of ladies on the “Trying to Get Pregnant” forum and since then have followed them through their journey of pregnancy, childbirth and now motherhood. I adore seeing their babies and families grow and am so honored to know these ladies – each and every one of them have their own qualities and wisdom that help all of us (about 25 women) get through life. Life is hard, we all know that, but with a child or children something changes, life becomes a job – a job of caring for that beautiful human you brought into this big world.
I love you all!! :O)

Gone but never forgotten!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some of Our Favorite Things...part 3

**these reviews are for personal use only, I am in no way promoting any certain product**

Travel System
Product we used: Graco Quattro Tour Travel System Stroller – Nouvelle


Why we love this: When we registered, even after we knew we were having a boy, I saw this travel system and fell in love with the pattern. I knew that the pattern would work for a girl or a boy – who knows if we are going to have another baby but if we do, it might be a girl! So I was thinking long term.
I knew that I wanted a travel system because of the ease of it all. It is so easy to put the car seat in the stroller and go! The stroller is great for walks and has plenty of “storage” space for bags and purses. It was also a tall enough stroller for Jeremy to not feel hunched over while he is pushing Jude. Another plus! The price was right too! 250 dollars for the set, includes the stroller, the car seat and 1 car seat base. The reviews on this item were always really high so that was another reason why I opted for this one. Funny that one of my friends Nikki also has this travel system! Great minds think alike!!
If you choice a Graco or not, I would always recommend a travel system. All in one!! Works so well. Now hopefully little turtle will stay in this car seat for awhile!! We are at least hoping until after Christmas! We will see!! ;O)

Good!!! Pacifiers
Product we used: Philips AVENT BPA Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier - 0-6 Months

Why we love this: Oh man! You have to find the right pacifiers if you are going to use them. Jude gets so upset with the “wrong” ones! LOL Silly boy! So these are the ones that he likes the best, especially the ones that do not have the little handles on them. We have tried so many other types because we got them for our showers but they just don’t cut it. He really isn’t attached to the pacifier but when he is crying, usually in public, we do use one. Anyways, don’t be alarmed when your little one decides that he hates one brand or type. Try another if you are determined to have a plug when you need one! HA! Like us! Plug the hole!! :O)

Milestone stickers
Product we used: Monthly Onesie Stickers by BabyShines – go to and find yours!

Why we love this: Onesies are expensive! These stickers cost 14 dollars for 12 of them. So much cheaper than buying an onesie for each monthly milestone. Oh and they are super cute. There are so many different themes for these so just go to and search monthly onesie stickers. So many cute choices! So every month we put Jude in a white or solid color onesie and prop him up for pictures! A bonus about these stickers is that if you are a scrapbooker you can use them in the scrapbook too. Perfect! Great investment if you ask me! :O)

Sheet saver
Product we used: Especially for Baby Sheet Saver

Why we love this: Thank you to “Aunt Heidi” who bought this for us! Because we loved it so much we actually went and bought a couple more. Jude hasn’t had many “accidents” in bed so far but it is nice knowing that if he did it would be a quick clean up during the middle of the night! It is hard work changing the sheets on a crib at 2am! This sheet saver is so much easier. Just a little protection from what could be.

Something to leave off the registry? Diapers – you never know which diaper will work for your little one! Every kiddo is different. We love pampers and HATE Huggies! Live and learn!

Instead of diapers add wipes…all wipes wipe the poo off the bum just the same. Oh and add gift cards. That will help you after that little one arrives.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 19...

It was a long weekend, too much to type about. And I have a feeling that after today we will be dealing with a lot more.

A little prayer -
Dear God,
Please help my family stay healthy, happy and positive. I know you will not give us more than we can handle and we trust in you. Keep my mom strong and positive, remind her to take care of herself. Keep my dad strong and postive, and remind him to take care of my mom and tell her when to slow down. Keep my brother healthy - help him get through this scary time. Keep Jeremy and I positive and happy. Stress takes us down hard. Remind us to take time for one another!
If it is your will bring us out of this week with fantastic news and a plan.

Prayers are needed for my family.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thats right people - the baby craze is back! Don't drink the water, well unless you want to be pregnant of course! ;O)

We have newly born babies and newly pregnant mommas! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us all!

Jude is especially excited for new friends!!

The bad thing though - seeing the "I'm pregnant posts and announcements" really make me miss my baby bump - *sigh* never thought I would say that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Work


For the past 5 years I have worked at an agency called “Tennyson Center for Children @ Colorado Christian Home”. I love it! I have my degree in Psychology and that is what I applied here, and I am so happy I did.

First off a little plug for my dear workplace – – that is our website. Have a look!

Tennyson Center is an agency for abused and neglected kiddos. We have ages 5-18 here, both boys and girls. Their stories are all so different but all so horrid. I do not work in direct care with the clients; I am the database manager of the case management software we use to document the care they receive here.

I remember my first couple of weeks at Tennyson Center, I was so surprised what some of these little kids had been through and experienced, it was insane to me. At that point it became very clear to me. I may not work in direct care for this kids but the fact that I am one of the support people who helps the agency stay afloat was so important to each and every one of those kids I entered into the database.

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month – in case you were wondering. But instead of thinking about child abuse prevention in April think about it daily. Say a little prayer every day for any and every child who is being abused or who has been abused. It will be an ongoing battle for any child put in an abusive situation. It is so important to be familiar with abuse so you can see warning signs. Don’t be afraid to stand up and tell someone about abuse if you know of anything.

Okay, that is my rant and rave.
Rant = because I will never understand (especially now that I have Jude) how someone could hurt a child.
Rave = Tennyson rocks! We help kids! We help them be the best person they can be!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Some of our favorite things...part 2

Some more stuff we love!
Isn’t it amazing the amount of *stuff* it takes to take care of a 12 pound little human? Really? How did our grandparents even survive? That’s the question my mother always asks when I show her some new thing for Jude. I don’t know mom but I sure love that someone came up with something to hold Jude’s dirty diapers so I don’t have to run to the trash every diaper change! Thanks much person!! LOL

**these reviews are for personal use only, I am in no way promoting any certain product**

Diaper Pail
Product we used: Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

Why we love this: Like I mentioned above, I LOVE the person that came up with a stink free diaper pail! Thank you thank you thank you! We decided on the Arm and Hammer Diaper pail over some of the other options because the refill bags were cheaper than those for the other brands. These bags say you can only fit 25 diapers in each bag – well we do A LOT more! We stuff those diapers in and get the most out of each bag, thank you very much! LOL We have never noticed a poop or pee smell from this pail and haven’t had to do much clean up on it since we got it. Over all I am so pleased with this item and would recommend it to anyone who has a home that the outside trash isn’t easy to access. The refill bags are $5.99 for 10 bags. A deal if you ask me!!

Lion Blankie
Product we used: Maison Chic Jersey Blankie

Why we love this: My Aunt got this Blankie for Jude and he adores it! I have been looking all over the place for another one and I can’t find them in stores, I did finally find them on and plan on getting another one for him. When he is fussy we give him this and he immediately grabs onto it and holds it tight and chews on it. And even when he isn’t fussy we will give it to him and he will just hold the lion and look at it and do this cute little cuddle with it. This blankie is cute and has great colors and patterns on it. The lion head is soft and easy for Jude to grasp and the arms give Jude a little hug when we give it to him. I really feel like this will be Jude’s safety blanket in the future. I am so thankful that my Aunt saw this and thought of Jude. I know I will be purchasing some of these for any of my friends who are pregnant in the future!! Oh and the best thing – WASHABLE!!!

Formula Container
Product we used: Formula Dispenser – I don’t know what the brand is, any brand will do the same thing

Why we love this: Jude was on formula beginning his 4th day of life. So we have been using this dispenser for well over 3 months now. We love it! It is so easy for traveling and putting in the diaper bag. I am sure we will use this for cereal and food when Jude is older too. I bet we will have to buy a couple more when he is eating solids and stuff. I just fill the 3 spaces full of the amount of formula to make 3 – 6 ounce bottles and have them in the diaper bag – just in case. I would recommend this item to anyone who might have to use formula. Quick and easy for mommies on the go!!


Product we used: Playtex BPA Free Ventaire Advanced Wide Set

Why we love this: Jude was and is a gassy baby – poor little man!! These bottles have really helped him slow down when he eats but also decreases the amount of air the bottle ends up with. We have noticed a huge difference in his tummy issues since using these bottles. Jude has always used the wide nipples better than the normal nipples – maybe because that is what he used in the beginning? I don’t know but either way we have stuck with the Ventaire wide bottles and love them! They are a great price at Target and come in neat little sets that give you a much better price. For any babies who have gassy tummies I would buy these bottles just because the amount of air the baby will take in at each feeding will be a lot less than a normal bottle. Easy to clean and fit great in our Electric Sanitizer!

Something to leave off the registry?
White onesie! The gerber ones…we got about a million of those things and honestly we rarely used them. The only time we used the white onesies were for his Monthly pictures! LOL We got so many of them and we did take a lot back. Also be aware that these gerber “undershirt” onesies fit really small. If you do plan on using them, do not wait to get the 3 month ones out until 3 months – your baby will probably fit in them when he or she is 1 month old! That was a mistake we had in the first month! Oooops!!
Instead of white ones, add some cute outfits and printed onesies you like instead. Think ahead – add some 6 month and even 9 month outfits to your registry BUT remember to think ahead to what season of weather it will be when your little one is 9 months old.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Post

Tonight is Grey’s! I can’t wait! I am pretty much obsessed with Grey’s. I missed a lot of last season (I have since caught up) because we had our Birthing/Parenting Classes on Thursday’s and it just happened to fall on the last 4 Thursday’s that Grey’s was on last season. Boo! Well this season I am determined to stay up on them all.

My goal for today is this:
Eat Dinner
Workout – 45 minutes
Talk to the in-laws on Skype
Watch Grey’s
Put Turtle to bed
Go to bed early

Okay that list has to happen between the hours of 7:30am and 9:30pm!
Holy god!! HA!

And this is why working out usually gets pushed aside. But I am going to try! I am in a “Wellness Challenge” at work, I am not doing so hot so far. Oh well, I am trying – and damn it I have a 3 ½ month at home! What do you want from me??!?! LOL Okay really, I can do it.

Let’s see what else – told you it is random!

So we are talking about starting Jude on rice cereal soon. He is waking up during the middle of the night sometimes and it seems like he just needs a couple extra ounces of formula to hold him over, we are hopeful that adding some cereal will also curve this massive appetite of his. :O)

His 4 month appointment is on Tuesday October 26th, I am so excited – ok not excited for the shots but super excited to see where he is in the height and weight percentile! Big boy!

Okay, done rambling. I am so proud of my 14 days of blogging, I am so impressed with myself! Hopefully you are all finding my life interesting every once in a while!

Thanks for going with me on this crazy ride of RANDOM!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!!

On Monday we headed to Anderson Farms in Erie Colorado to celebrate Fall and Jude's first Halloween. We had such a great time. Jude really didnt care about anything there yet but I was determined to take lots of pictures and pick out a cute "mini" pumpkin just for him. My parents and brother joined us for the fun. I see this as a family tradition in the making! Next year will be so much fun, Jude will be 15 months old!! That will be great!! :O)

Jude sitting on a HUGE pumpkin - you could actually buy these for the great price of $100 dollars!!!!!! Right! Either way, he is adorable.

Oh no...Mommy and Jude are locked up!

Daddy and Jude got caught too. Bad Boys!

Such a cute boy in his 1st Halloween Shirt - which is a 3-6 months moving on up!!

What are these things I am sitting on?

Daddy and Jude took a ride on the train - Daddy almost didnt fit! :O)

It was a perfect fall day for walking around and enjoying the farm.


Jude was worn out - time for a nap for the little turtle!

Chilling at home after a long morning.

I love my pumpkin!!!

Happy Fall to all my readers!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Some of our favorite things…Part 1

I FINALLY decided to do these reviews...better late than never!

This post is for all of you future mothers, current mothers and for me so I remember for the next time what things we just couldn’t live without! This post and others to follow will have mini reviews for things we love! Now remember these are only our favorite things for the first 3 months!

I am sure more reviews will be coming as our little Turtle grows! :O)

**these reviews are for personal use only, I am in no way promoting any certain product**

Electric Sanitizer

Product we used: Philips AVENT BPA Free Electric Steam Sterilizer

Why we love this: We hesitated to put this on our registry when we were registering because we wondered if we would ever really get good use out of it. Well I am sooooo happy that we decided to add it to the list and that my mother-in-law purchased it for us. We used this product at least 2 times a day the first 2 months of Jude’s life. I was pumping and we were also supplementing with formula so we had a TON of bottles, nipples, and breast pump accessories that needed to be washed and sanitized daily. If we didn’t have this sanitizer we would have been so much busier throughout the day or we would have had to buy more bottles, nipples and pump accessories. This product is a little pricey but it you are planning on pumping, this is so convenient. I have stopped pumping so we do not have as many things to sanitize every day BUT we still do run this sanitizer every other day to get the bottles ready for use. I never worry about bottles not being clean with this item. It is super easy to use and really portable too – we took it to our cabin and it wasn’t a hassle at all. Oh and it is so fast, 6 minutes and the bottles are sanitized! What more could you ask for? So much easier than boiling water! LOL


Product we used: Summer Infant SwaddleMe Cotton Knit Adjustable Infant Wrap

Why we love this: We have 2 of these in the small/medium size that we use every night and for naps. He is about 25 inches long and 15 pounds and we have been using this small/medium size for about 2 months. He loves being swaddled nice and tight, that is why we are still using the smaller ones. We do have the large size BUT he didn’t stay swaddled when we used that one. So we will be using these until he is a couple pounds heavier. Jude sleeps through the night when we use this swaddler, and has since he was 8 weeks old! I really cannot stress how much we love these! It has helped us get a great sleep pattern, both for Jude and us!! :O) Also for summer babies these cotton swaddlers are perfect, not too hot at all! For winter time we will probably buy one of the fleece ones for those cold Colorado nights! I am an advocate for swaddling – some people have told us to stop but we just do not understand their reasoning’s at this point. He loves being held tight and if he gets him the sleep he needs that is all we care about.

Boppy Lounger

Product we used: Boppy Newborn Lounger

Why we love this: Jeremy’s cousin gave us her lounger to borrow when we first had Jude. It was perfect for him! He fit so well in it and loved being up off the floor or bed a little bit just to look around or even take a quick cat-nap. We used this daily for about the first 10 weeks of Jude’s life. It was an easy way to grab lunch or even a quick shower and know he was safe and happy. I would recommend getting one of these from a second hand store as they are a little pricey for the amount of time we used it! Next time we will try to find one on clearance or something if we don’t have a friend or family member to borrow one from.

Bouncy Chair

Product we used: Fisher Price Precious Planet Bouncer

Why we love this: Oh man! We should have bought this earlier!! Jude loves it!! And so does Mommy!! He loves talking to the animals and hearing the fun music! The price is hard to beat! 40 bucks at Target!! Nice!! I put Jude in this when I take a shower, he just sits in the chair in the bathroom and talks and giggles and sometimes drifts to sleep. The vibrations really help him relax. It is small enough to move around the house, unlike the swing so it is perfect on days when I am trying to clean house or work from home. Oh and it is the cutest thing when he laughs at the Monkey, Lion, Hippo and Elephant!! It is adorable!! It is like he really thinks they are talking to him. Love it!

Something to leave off the registry?

Blankets!!!!! Holy blankets!! I went crazy when we decided on Classic Winnie the Pooh as the nursery theme, I bought about 3 Winnie the Pooh blankets plus we added some on our registry (plain old blankets) AND we got about 5 as gifts – all handmade ones! I LOVE the handmade ones, they mean so much more to us so if I could do it all over again we wouldn’t buy any of the blankets ourselves or put any on our registry! People who are crafty usually figure out a way to give you something special and handmade – usually a blanket! So wait until after the showers and the birth and decide if you need more! :O)
Instead of blankets add burp cloths!! We go through so many burp cloths! I only put 1 package on our registry and that is all we got…believe me we have had to buy more! HA!!

Well that is Part 1 of Our Favorite Things! YAY!!

What are your favorite things?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Personal Challenge


Today is day 10 of my personal challenge of 30 days of blogging. 30 days! I know!! That is a huge challenge!

I feel like I am doing a great job! YAY!!
I have found a way to create posts that I have always wanted to do and I have learned how to space the posts out enough that it isn’t completely overwhelming! I never thought I would even get this far – but here we are. Only 20 more posts to go! Seems like A LOT but thankfully I live with this little guy that brings so much entertainment, joy and love to my life that I can always think of something to post about! Thanks Jude Mommy loves you!

Here are some things that are on my list of things to post about – some of these are my ideas and some are from a blog about blogging for 30 days. Just little topics!

~More reviews on baby gear
~Pumpkin Patch
~Our Little Surprise – 1 year later
~A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days. (I will do this on the 30th post)
~A photo of you and your family.
~Our Story – how we met?
~Tennyson Center – who are we?

Anything you would add?

Friday, October 8, 2010

First Sporting Event

Go RAPIDS!!!!!!!!

The 3 of us went to Jude's first sporting event on September 29th. Censie won free tickets to the Colorado Rapids game from work so we decided to brave the wind and go to the game. The Rapids are our Major League Soccer team here in Denver.

Our Family at the game!

Jude was diggin the baby Bjourn! It worked so well.

He didn't enjoy the loud canon they set off when the Rapids score a goal! Yikes! Not a happy baby!!

Mommy and Jude watching the game.

All bundled up for the game.

So cute!! He melts our hearts!

We had a great night at the game. Jeremy can't wait to take Jude to his first Rockies game - that will have to be next summer. So much fun doing these FIRSTS!

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