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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A half a year old!

6 Month Update –

Yes I know it is late but it has been busy so lay off!! ;O) Just kidding!

Jude turned 6 Months on Christmas Day – this picture was taken on 12/26/2010 – 1 day late.


Jude went in for his 6 month appointment on January 3rd. The appointment went great – I really do like his pediatrician! Such a great guy. I look forward to working with him for years to come. Jude got his 6 month shots, and he did as well as could be expected. He got 4 shots this time because we opted for him to get the flu shot. We felt like it was a necessity and his doctor highly recommended it – he made it pretty clear that most of the deaths that happen because of the flu are those of babies and young children. Well I do not want to risk that, Jude means way too much to me!!! So the poor little man got an extra one that day and we have to go in for a booster flu shot in February. Ouch!

Alright here are the things you really want to know – THE STATS! HA!!

Jude’s 6 Month Stats

Height ~ 28 inches (90%)
Weight ~ 19 pounds 15 ounces (84%)
Head Circ ~ 18 inches (90%)

So the doctor says he is very healthy and growing big and strong – very strong, the doctor commented many times about how strong he is. Yeah we know! Haha! He is obviously going to be a tall and big boy. Duh! We could have told you that 6 months ago.

Milestones –

After the appointment we started Jude on 3 meals a day. So his feeding schedule is this:
(6am) – 5 ounces of formula
(8:30) – half of a jar of a veggie and half of a jar of a fruit
(10:00) – 6 ounces of formula
(12:00) – half of a jar of a veggie and half of a jar of a fruit and 6 ounces of formula
(3:00) – 6 ounces of formula
(6:00) – 2 Table Spoons of cereal, half a jar of meat, and half of a jar of fruit or veggie
(7:30) – 5 ounces of formula
(9:30) – 8 ounces of formula
Wow! That is a lot! LOL – the doc said we are right on track so that is good. :O)

Sitting up is just the normal now. Jude loves to sit on his blanket and play with his toys.

He is getting really good at rolling over to things he wants, like Daddy’s yucky dirty shoes! And he is fast! Yikes, just preparing us for the crawling that I am sure is just around the corner.

Laughing, all the freaking time! Especially when you play peek-a-boo with him. Oh and also when he toots or poops – classic boy traits I suppose. So funny!

We play “I love your face!” all the time. Jude loves to suck on your cheeks so when he does this we just squeal – “I love your face too Jude!!!” He giggles and loves it!

Well I think that is it for now. I leave you with another 6 month picture. Love this one!!


How has it already been a half of a year? Amazing!

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