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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How far would you push your child?

Now I would never force my child or children (if we are lucky enough to have more babies) into anything they don’t want to be a part of BUT when I look at this picture I can’t help but think – Arranged Marriage! HAHA! Don’t hate, check the picture out. You have to agree with me. They are freakin adorable together and would make the cutest little couple!

Caroline Rose and Jude Robert (6 months old)

So you can better believe that there will be at least some arranged playdates early on and then when these little ones are older maybe some arranged family BBQ’s. Like I said, I would never push Jude to do anything but that doesn’t mean I can’t suggest a certain little girl for him…right?

Oh and yes, I adore her parents and they have agreed to this “arrangement”! LOL

Caroline and Jude at the Children’s Museum (4 months old)

Caroline and Jude meet for the very first time! – Jude is 12 days old Caroline 2 days old!

See it is meant to be! From the beginning they loved each other!

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