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Saturday, January 15, 2011

NEW Goals for the NEW year!

Everyone sets “New Year Resolutions” it is in our human nature. It is the beginning of a new year so why wouldn’t it be a good starting point? Well it is most of the time except for the ultimate mind game – weight loss and working out. So I am not even going there. I know what I need to do in order to lose weight and feel better about myself. I am totally educated in that area so when my mind and body are ready to make that leap again, I will and until then here are my GOALS for 2011!

~Read more books and keep track of the books I read. My goal is to read at least 12 books this year (non-baby books) and every time I finish one I will do a book report (I know very elementary) on said book. I always forget what books I read throughout the year and this will help me remember what I have read and the details about the books. Just an FYI – I LOVE girly chic lit so it won’t be anything real educational for y’all! That was your warning!

~Make more time for my husband. I want to make sure Jeremy and I stay a couple – I know that sounds bad but what I mean is, after having Jude we became a family of 3, I want to make sure we take time as a couple, 2!

~Take walks with my turtle every evening, weather permitting. Well that will have to wait until winter is over but when it is! We will be walking!! Stroller time is good for us all.

~Keeping up on the scrapbook for Jude. I am so behind on the family scrapbook but I want to make sure that the 1st year of Jude is kept up in his Jude scrapbook. That is my goal – 1 year of just Jude, then all of his milestones will become a part of our family scrapbook. Keeping up with 2 scrapbooks is hard! We will see how it goes! Right now I am over a year behind on the family one and 3 months behind on Jude’s! I have some work to do!!

~Not holding everything in when I am stressed, Jeremy and I found out what that does, it isn’t healthy! Who knew? LOL Panic attacks are not fun. That will not happen again. My mental health needs to come first in order to make sure Jude is happy and healthy. I am not stupid I know that! :O)

So those are my goals. Most of them are very easy don’t you think? Honestly the hardest one will be the reading one. Once I settled down at night and get ready for bed and get a book out I usually am asleep 10 minutes later! Lol Oy!

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