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Friday, February 25, 2011

Y3W - Jude Broke Me!

Jude Broke Me!

Yes, I am blaming the baby. Ever since I was about 6 months pregnant my sciatic nerve has been SHOT!
I remember that morning clearly, I was in the shower and I had to sneeze. Well being that I was so off center I tried to hold in said sneeze so I didn’t slip in the shower! Well that was stupid because that sneeze is what did it. I felt the pain shoot down my right leg! OMG! Ouch! And ever since that wonderful morning in the shower I feel that lovely shooting pain down my right leg every day!

So I joined the wellness program with Massage Envy. I love it! It isn’t the “spa” feeling you get when you go for a spa day but damn it feels good! So I will be going for massages 2 times a month now. The first time I went I got the full body and then Monday I just had my girl work on my lower back, I am hoping my back with get back in shape so I don’t have to go the medical route.

Oy – I love you Turtle!! You back breaker!! :O)

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  1. I hope the massages work. My RMT works wonders. I never got the sciatic pain when I was pregnant, but Mr Man was posterior and pushing on a nerve in my back that made it feel like I had a knife in the middle of my back for 7 weeks. Have you tried using a tennis ball to relieve the pain? I would put the tennis ball behind my back when driving, or when laying on the couch, or just roll it up and down my back against a wall. That's what worked for me, not sure if it will help you, but it's worth a try.

  2. Never tried the tennis ball thing. Worth a try. I hate waking up in the morning and feeling like I cannot move. It sucks.

  3. A massage sounds AMAZING! Enjoy it, and a little quiet time with it! (new follower from Jenni's Y3W) :)


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