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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Medifast Update

Well I figured I better give y’all a look into what I am doing with Medifast.

Today is day 6 on the program and so far so good! I am actually really enjoying it. This plan is much easier than any other plan I have ever used. YAY!!

I am pleasantly surprised with the results I have had with the program thus far as well. I cannot complain about the numbers decreasing every morning that I get on the scale! Talk about motivation! (yes I am a daily weigher! LOL)

The plan I am using is called 5-1. Basically it is a plan of eating something 6 times a day. 5 medifast meals and then 1 meal that I make/prepare on my own which is called the Lean and Green Meal.

Here are some examples of my day:
8am: French Vanilla Shake
10:30am: Oatmeal Raisin Bar
12:30pm: Chicken Noodle Soup
3:00pm: Oatmeal cookies (made out of the medifast oatmeal)
5:30pm: Lean and Green Meal – 2 veggie burgers (no bun), asparagus and a slice of Swiss cheese
7:45pm: Brownie

8am: Banana Crème Shake
10:30am: Vanilla Pudding
12:30pm: Scrambled Eggs
3:00pm: Chocolate Chip Muffin (made out of pancakes)
5:30pm: Lean and Green Meal – Out to dinner at Chili’s – grilled chicken Caesar salad
7:45pm: Mango Soft Serve

Sounds pretty good right? I have to say that the worst meals I have had so far is the oatmeal. The cookies make it easier to eat but still not great. Oh well. Live and learn!

My first goal is to lose 13 pounds! When I reach that I will be treating myself to a manicure and pedicure!

Second Goal is to lose 26 pounds, hoping to do this by Jude’s 1st birthday!! That would be amazing! My reward for reaching this goal will be $50 to any store to buy a new outfit. :o)

Weight loss to date: 7 pounds!!
Weight left to lose: 73 pounds
I will make sure to keep updates coming about this new meal plan.
Thanks for all of your support!!

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