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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mom Car?

Okay all you Mommies out there, I need your advice!

So we are only a family of 3 right now – planning on at least 1 more addition to the family in the future – but we are already feeling the squeeze when it comes to transportation.

Let me explain.

Right now I drive this:

2002 Honda Accord 4 door – I love it!! Great gas mileage and it has been a very good little car for us for the past 8 years.

And it does us well. The 3 of us can scoot around town and have no problems. That is until we have more than 1 other adult with us in the car.

“Big Boy” car seat sure does take up a lot of room in the back seat. Yikes.

Now this usually isn’t a problem but we noticed it a lot this weekend when Jeremy’s parents were here for a visit. In order for the 5 of us to go anywhere together we had to either take 2 cars OR borrow my parent’s minivan. Umm…annoying!!

Now, I realize that they do not come to visit THAT often so this isn’t that big of a deal BUT let me give you another situation – going to dinner with my parents.

Well yes, they have a minivan but my dad is getting rid of that soon. What will we do then?

I know that we cannot afford a HUGE car payment and I would really miss my small little car and I feel rather stupid driving/buying a big car for 1 child! Plus with gas prices going sky high – Oy, I just don’t know! HELP!!!

And I worry that most SUV’s have just as much space in the back seat as my car.

Any suggestions on maybe a larger sedan or is our best bet to go big or go home? LOL

Here are some other cars that Jeremy has brought up to me.

Honda Odyssey – so pretty! And I love Hondas but it is a van. Not sure if I am THAT mom!

Nissan Moreno - LOVE IT!! But is it that much bigger in the back seat? And $$$$$!!!

Wow – HUGE! Chevy Tahoe! Yikes Maybe too big for me!

So there you go, now it is your turn. What do you drive? Want to drive? Or HATE to drive?


  1. I am totally against Vans. Althought the most practical option {for families} I just can't do it. I have thought about this time and time again.

    We went with a trailblazer {slightly smaller than the Tahoe} and we LOVE it! Tons of room!

  2. I drive a Ford Edge! I love it. Lots of room in the back for hauling her stroller, groceries, etc. and the backseat has enough room for her convertible car seat as well as me and my brother. Ours is a 2007 and we bought it used. Our payment isn't too high, but if you could find a used one, it would be cheaper. :)

    Good luck on your search!!!

  3. We have a Hyundai Elantra...I'm dying for an SUV. Our jogging stroller takes up nearly the entire trunk, not to mention how big the big boy seat is!
    I'd like a Nissan Rogue or a Jeep of some kind. Or maybe an Equinox.

  4. I REALLY want a honda pilot. If you get the 2WD version it is REALLY good on gas and has tons of room!

  5. I drive a Ford Edge, too! And I love it! Seriously the best mom-car out there. Tons of room! Ours is a 2009 - we bought it was VERY reasonably priced in the land of crossover/SUV type of cars.

  6. WE LOVE our Tahoe...perfect for everyone and we drive it everywhere


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