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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My letter(s) to life right now…

Dear ear infection,

Please leave my turtle’s ears alone. My heart breaks every time I see him in pain. Seriously, get the eff out!

Sincerely, One heartbroken mommy

Dear spring,

Please come quickly, we are all sick of being sick! Time for Spring to spring!

Love, Sick of the winter wind

Dear contacts,

I promise I will put you in again soon. My eyes miss you – I hate my glasses. Your home (my eyes) need to continue to heal before we meet again.

Always, Mrs. Blind

Dear Medifast,

I LOVE YOU! You are changing my life – one package at a time. I will be ordering another month of food this week!!

Love, Finally feeling good about myself

Dear Turtle,

Once this ear infection/cold is gone, please remember how to sleep through the night! Mommy and Daddy love their sleep and THEIR bed! As much as we love your cuddles and your cute little feet in our backs, you must go back to your own bed!!

We love you, Tired mommy

Dear Cancer,

F off! Please leave my brother alone. Please be gone from his body. Let him get through this last treatment and be cancer free.

Sincerely, Worried sister

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