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Monday, March 28, 2011

Take it off Monday's - Week 2


I made it through another week on Medifast! YAY me! In fact, I like it so much that I placed my second order for more food last weekend! I am thrilled with the progress I have had on this program. This is what I needed, something to keep me in check and motivated. So thank you Medifast!

I also need to thank my blogging buddies, they keep me in check and motivated too. With out them I would be lost on this journey! Make sure you check them out and cheer them on too.

Check their journey out here: Jenni from the Blog Mom-Nom The Turnip Farmer Goobermonkey


Struggles this week:

My biggest struggle was yesterday. We celebrated my mom's birthday. We all went out to dinner, she chose this great Italian Market Buffet! Great! What the hell am I am going to eat. Well I was very carefull all day. Had the lowest calorie foods from Medifast which are shakes as my meals until we got to the Buffet. Back in the day I would eat and eat and eat here, it is a fantastic place BUT last night I went up once. Yup just once. I did eat things that are not on plan but I was proud of myself.

I weighed myself this morning and I am at the same as yesterday! Victory!! LOL Back on plan today.

So far I am down 13 pounds - that is 1 pound so far for week 3. I have heard that week 3 is usually the worst for weight loss, we will see.

I will be ordered another month of Medifast food this week! Loving it!

Pretty sure it is magic! LOL

So here is the run down: Week 1: 8 pounds lost

Week 2: 5 pounds lost!

Weight left to lose: 82 pounds

Goals (revised): 13 pounds: Mani/Pedi 20 pounds: $50 to go shopping for a new outfit 30 pounds: Buy a Magic Bullet 40 pounds: Mani/Pedi 48 pounds (half way there!): Hair Cut/Style/Color 60 pounds: $75 to go shopping for a new outfit 75 pounds: Mani/Pedi 85 pounds: Spa Day! Mani/Pedi/Facial/Massage 95 pounds (GOAL!!!): Buy a pair of Silver Jeans! I have wanted these for so long! And $100 for shopping!!


  1. Way to go girl! I know you are looking so good!!!

  2. YOU GO, CHICKIE!!! You are doing so awesome!!! :)

  3. You're rockin' it, dear! Keep it up!


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