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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To Give Up or Not to Give Up?


Today marks the beginning of Lent – although I am not Catholic I am Christian – Lutheran to be exact and I have always thought that the idea of “giving up” something for 40 days is a great way to remember why we celebrate the season of Lent.
Yes celebrate! – most people find the season of Lent sad and dark but I see it as an extended celebration of the season to come which is Easter.

Without the season of Lent we would never find the season of Easter!! Which by the way, Easter Sunday service is by far my favorite church service of the year – brings hope and new beginning! LOVE IT!!

Most years I try to give up some sort of food or category of food – pretty much everyone does this right? One year I gave up bread – yup I did that my Freshman year of college and I DID IT!! It was so hard but I stuck with it. One year I *tried* to give up pop – yeah that didn’t work. And throughout high school I tried the no chocolate thing and the no candy thing.

Well this year is going to have to be different.
As you have read in a previous post, I am starting a new meal plan with
I will say it over and over again, something I NEVER thought I would do but here we are. And because I am starting this program, I am already “giving up” some very unhealthy eating habits – GO ME! So I am kind of excited that this is all falling into the Lent season as well.
Sort of ironic don’t ya think? LOL

So here is what I am giving up ON TOP of the unhealthy eating habits – shopping, clothes shopping for me to be exact. I spend way too much money on clothes for me that I don’t need. I am hoping that by the end of the 40 days I will not only be healthier but NEED to actually go out and buy a new pair of jeans or something because I will have lost weight!! Bottom line – Lent is for us to remember that God gave up his ONLY Son for us – amazing! So I should be able to give up shopping! Come on!

So this Lent season I am working on a lot. But I also find it very comforting that when Easter comes, I will be cleansed and ready for a new beginning and what a great way to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord! Maybe with this Lent season I will stay focused on what really matters in life and is my family which I love dearly and want to be around for and healthy for!

What are you all giving up for Lent? Do you participate in Lent? Why or Why Not?

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