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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Winner is? - 9 month post too!


Congratulations Amber!
Please contact me ASAP so we can work out the details for your prize.


Thank you again to Jessi with Baby Shines!
Make sure you all come back for next month's Baby Shines giveaway!

Jude is 9 months! Can you believe it?
We can't, this is going really fast. Look how adorable he is! Mommy's little man.

Nine month stats (done at home):

Weight: 21 pounds 60%

Length: 30 inches 93%

Jude's 9 month picture with his Baby Shines sticker! :O)




*Jude is crawling. Mostly army crawling still but we have seen him get on all fours and move too.

*Jude loves feeding himself! We have introduced him to cherrios, gerber puffers, gerber yogurt snacks, gerber veggie sticks, lemons (yes lemons!), and bananas. He gets so happy when we put him in his high chair with snacks in front of him. Such a big boy!

*Jude completed his first session of Parent/Tot swim lessons! Sea Turtle!

*Jude LOVES the zoo! We have been 2 times this month and his favorite part is the Tropical Discovery.

*Jude does not wear socks anymore. Nope! He takes them off in seconds, instead he is in shoes every day! Silly boy!

*Jude dances anytime he hears music - especially Mickey Mouse's Hot Dog Song! Adorable! Video to come! Promise.
*Jude likes his playroom. He is such a boy - distruction has already happened in that room! lol

*Jude is in 9 month clothes, size 3 and 4 diapers, eats 3 solid meals a day (4 to 5 jars of baby food), he has 4 - 6 ounce bottles a day, and he is finally on a GREAT nap schedule! Thank you!!

To our Little Turtle,

Mommy and Daddy adore you. You make us so happy every day. We love you to pieces.


  1. I can not believe he is already 9 months old. What a sweet boy he is and what amazing parents he has! Love yall.

  2. Love Jude's photos. Thanks for the fun giveaway. I'm excited!!


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