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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just some random updates.

I have nothing big to write about today so you get to hear me ramble on and on. Sorry in advance! ;o)

Jude had some hives show up last week on Thursday - at first we thought it was a food allergy but after doing some thinking back there really isnt anything that was new in his diet that would have caused a reaction. So we have decided that it was a virus. Thankfully we havent seen the hives since Friday so I think we are out of woods now.

Jude had his 9 month pictures on Saturday, they turned out so adorable! Unfortuatly, Target changed the way you can upload pictures so I have to wait until I get our printed copies to scan them in and share. I know, sad. :O( Only a couple more days and you will see our 9 month old little boy! These pictures really show him as a boy not a baby anymore!

Jude is pulling himself up on everything now. Crawling like crazy and getting into everything. Fun age for sure!

My brother had some important scans and appointments this week. As soon as we have the results and news I will update.

We are counting down the days until we head to Arizona for a visit too. In about 1 month we will enjoying the summer weather in Arizona! YAY!! We cannot wait to go and visit Jeremy's folks again. I know they will be so surprised at how much Jude has changed. He is growing up so fast.

Well that is an update for now. :O)

Our life is surprisingly slow right now - thank you!! ;)

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