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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sungate Bowlathon

This weekend Jeremy and his co-workers were on a bowling team for a bowlathon for Sungate Kids in Denver Colorado.

Sungate kids is a non-profit organization that helps children go through forensic interviews who have been sexually abused/assaulted.

Jeremy and his team raised just over $1,200! YAY team! This is a yearly fundraiser and it has turned into a competion for a spirit award, which means every year Jeremy has to dress up in some silly costume.

This year his team name was "Dr. Teeth and the electric mayhem" - The Muppets. Jeremy was Animal. This costume was a pain in the butt but it turned out great.

They even made a bus to go with their theme!!

And guess what - They won the spirit award!!
Jude is so happy that Daddy won the award!! :O)

Here are the pictures from the bowlathon!

Daddy as Animal! Jude loved it! No crying or anything.


If you want more information about Sungate please follow this link - Sungatekidsorg

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