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Monday, April 25, 2011

Take if off Monday's Week 6!

Friday marked week 6 for me on Medifast – seriously 6 weeks on a “diet” I personally think I have done fantastic at staying on this diet! So proud!!

Gone forever!!

Week 6 was pretty much the traditional Medifast diet. I don’t think I had many challenges – I was really focused on staying on program because I knew that week 7 was going to be a struggle with Easter. Damn you Easter candy – more on that next Monday. :) Slightly embarrassed to say how bad I really was. BUT today is a new day and a new day to be on program!

I hit a MAJOR goal during week 6 – I am down 20 pounds!! HELL YES! 20 pounds!!

So guess what that meant? SHOPPING!!! WOOT!! I took my 50 bucks and headed to one of my very favorite stores, Maurices, and bought 1 pair of new SMALLER jeans and 1 new shirt and some cute jewelry!! What a thrill!!

So in 10 more pounds I will be heading to the store again to use 60 dollars to get some great clothes for our May vacation – My goal is to reach that goal (10 pounds) by May 15th so I have time to go shopping for clothes before we leave to go to Arizona on May 19th!! That is 10 pounds in 25 days! YIKES! Got to get in gear!

A little update on how week 7 is going – Easter was rough, candy has filled our house. :( I have to get rid of it! I have NO self-control over Chocolate so this day was horrible on my diet. Again, more to come next Monday. Give me strength y’all!!

I get support from all over the country. Please go to their blogs and give them spport too!! I really couldn't have done this with out them!
Check their journey out here:

Jenni from the Blog
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So here is the run down:

Weeks 1-4: (-8, -5, -2, -1) 15 pounds lost!!
Weeks 5-8: (-3, -2,
Weight left to lose:
75 pounds
Goals (revised):
13 pounds: Mani/Pedi (reached 4/1/2011)
20 pounds: $50 to go shopping for a new outfit (reached 4/19/2011)
30 pounds: $60 to go shopping for vacation clothes!
40 pounds: Mani/Pedi
48 pounds (half way there!): Hair Cut/Style/Color
60 pounds: $75 to go shopping for a new outfit
75 pounds: Mani/Pedi
85 pounds: Spa Day! Mani/Pedi/Facial/Massage
95 pounds (GOAL!!!): Buy a pair of Silver Jeans! I have wanted these for so long! And $100 for shopping!!

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