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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation? What do you pack for your Little One?

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What to pack for vacation for a 10 month old!

It is that time, time to start thinking about heading out on vacation.

And with that leads to a HUGE suitcase for a 21 pound little boy.


He needs all of that for 5 days!? YES, he does!

Thankfully, I have wonderful in-laws that buy our diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food for Jude while we are visiting so we do not have to pack it all with us! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So here is what I am thinking:
6 pairs of shorts
6 shirts
1 pair of jeans
1 long sleeved shirt
swim suit
3 pairs of PJs
2 pairs of sandals
2 towels
6 burp cloths
1 jacket

TOYS/Entertainment for the trip:
A couple of books
favorite B. Toys bugs
Sophie the Giraffe
A special new toy that he hasn’t seen before so it will keep him occupied!! (not sure what that will be yet)

Now – I just hope that this sweet little 10 month old decides to sleep on the plane!
Hope this helps everyone – summer is coming fast, which means time for traveling for everyone!
Did I miss anything!?!?
Happy Travels!!


  1. Does he have a special lovey or blanket? If so make sure to pack those. Take any snacks he likes (if you give any) for the plane ride. A hat? Sunscreen, lotion, soap for him? Socks and tennis shoes? I also recommend packing tylenol or motrin, so if he needs it you don't have to run out and buy any.

  2. Ditto PP, and also, if you are going to your ILs house, I would skip the towels and just use theirs. Those will take up a lot of room in the suitcase you can use for other stuff.


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