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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas - HELP ME!

Father’s Day is just 5 days away – most of you have probably already found that PERFECT father’s day gift for all of the father’s in your life. Well I am a slacker on many parts.

For some reason Father’s Day gifts for my dad have always been harder to figure out than Mother’s Day gifts for my mom. I don’t know why. Either way, I have work to do!!

Here are my ideas (sorry Jeremy, your Father’s Day gifts will NOT be on the blog – nice try!):

For my dad from Jude (grandpa gift): a nice chess set that we will tell him is for him to teach Jude (in a couple years lol) how to play the game he loves.

For my dad from us: ummm….not sure on this one just yet! HELP!!! I am sick of doing the normal gift cards to barnes and noble or the cash for whatever he wants.

For my brother from Jude (1st godfather’s day gift): a “hand painted” canvas from Jude. Yeah we need to tackle this idea soon!! Hopefully it goes well.

For Jared from Jude (1st godfather’s day gift): same as above! Got to get Jude dirty!!

And for Jeremy from Jude: I have an idea, just have to go buy it.

For Jeremy from me: I have an idea just have to go buy it!

So tell me (for future use) what do you buy for your father/husband/godfather/ect?


  1. I bet you can guess what I did...Heritage Makers! Crystal and I went into together and got dad a Garage Calendar (which he will probably hang at his desk but it was perfect because it's full of tools) and a tool box swatch book so he can show off his Grandkids to everyone he works with. For Miah (although I still need to put it together) I printed out the Dad's Junk Food Bucket pattern from HM and will be putting that together this week sometime. I did the canvas thing for my mom when Rex was about Jude's age and it didn't go to bad. I have paint too if you need any!

  2. C's getting two paintings from Owen and tickets for a boys night out to go see Soundgarden...which will be hugely unexpected but I know he REALLY wants to go!

  3. Hi! I'm following from Toddle Along Tuesday.

    We are getting my dad acupuncture treatments. Talk about a surprise! I hope he goes for it:)

    Probably not the best suggestion either:)


  4. give a fun pinback button :) I make them- http://www.etsy.com/listing/75653967/worlds-greatest-dad-pinback-button


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