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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Motherhood Tattoo

After I had Jude I knew that I wanted to have a tattoo to represent being a mother. I did a lot of research and found the Celtic Motherhood Knot and fell in love. I knew that is what I wanted to have done. I already planned a blue dot with in the knot to represent Jude and then thought about if we have more children how I would just add dots for them as well. Perfect!

Well then the nickname Turtle stuck around and I began to fall in love with Turtles!

They are adorable – especially Jude! ;) Thought a lot about this too – did I want to just get a Turtle or incorporate the turtle into the knot?? Oh the decisions.

Here is what I decided:

Do you love it? I do!

It is on the middle of my back. My plan now for more children (if we are blessed enough) is to add dots with in the knot but also add another small tattoo that represents that child’s name, nickname or personality.

My good friend from high school did this for me and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Logan!!

After not having a tattoo for over 9 years – I have to admit, I was nervous and quickly remembered the “sunburnt” feeling of that needle! Ouch! But as I did with the other 4, I made it through and am so happy I decided to do something to honor my little boy!!

As of Monday May 30th 2011 I am a 5 tattoo lady now. Watch out!!

Any of you have plans for tattoos to honor your kiddos or family?


  1. Yep! Just need to find Rex's foot prints from birth. I'm going to have my children's feet crawling up my back with their name and birthday around them. It was suppose to be my birthday present from Miah 2 birthday's ago but I can't find Rex's little feet. Guess I will just have to wait until those little feet appear again.
    (Can't post without be anonymous but I'm sure you know who this is)

  2. I love it Censie! It looks awesome :)



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