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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordful Wednesday! My 1st Father's Day - by Jeremy

A Father's Day post by Jeremy!  Yup - he is our "guest" poster! 

June 19th 2011 will be known forever in my heart as my first father's day with my family. 

We were able to celebrate last year as we were getting close to having Jude join our family but this year holds something special to me as it was the first year I got to wake up and get a hug from my son on Father's day. 

This has definitely changed my perspective as a male as to what it means to be a father.  I always used to see this day as a kid as another day to try and do things for my dad so that he could take a break and relax, which he never did and still does not do, but nothing more than that.  We always take extra time on mother's day to make sure that our mom's know how much we love them but as a male that was not what father's day was about for me unfortunately as a child.  I am blessed to have such a great wife and son that made me feel extremely blessed and special to be part of their family this father's day. 

We were able to have our extended family over and BBQ and spend some good times together laughing and hanging out. I also got to have a great day with Censie and Jude the Saturday before walking around at a street fair and just having some time with just us.  Granted this past weekend was very busy and required some work from all of us but it was not something that I minded or bothered me it was a privilege to be able to provide this day for my family and my father in-law.  

Of course Censie went above and beyond with gifts to make sure that I felt extra special but again nothing can compare to getting a hug from Jude and Censie and having her tell me how much it means to them that I am there and that we are a family.  I know that this day is for us as father's but for me I consider it a day for me to be thankful for the wonderful family that I have and the opportunity to be a father to Jude. 

As being a father it also changed my perspective in how I make sure that I tell my father how much he means to me even though he is not the sentimental guy that I am, thanks mom, but I know that it meant something to him to hear from me how much he means to me. 

Again this is a memory that I will hold on to and cherish forever!

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