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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously? He would do this...

Official Definition of Teething: the emergence of the first teeth through a baby's gums

Parent’s Definition of Teething: HELL, PAIN, NO SLEEP, CRAB MAN FOR A BABY, POOP, THROW UP.

Yeah that official definition really doesn’t prepare anyone for the actual coming of the teeth. Poor little Jude doesn’t do it the “normal” way either. If you read about teething you mostly read about 1 tooth at a time OR at least 1 type of tooth at once. NOPE not Jude!! He is “growing” 4 teeth at once – yup you read that right – FOUR!! His top gum is SO swollen and those 4 top middle teeth are trying to push through.

This all started about a week and a half ago – so far the count is 1 tooth completely through and 3 to go. Jeremy and I have had really crazy sleep because of this. Jude wakes up a ton – and I can understand why! Poor baby!!

Check out this chart – the blue “x” marks the teeth that have come through. The red “x” marks the teeth that are about ready to POP!


We are hoping that by his 1st birthday he will have these 3 done so he can go back to his happy little TURTLE self. We are seeing way too much of a crab man recently – we miss our Turtle!!

PRAY FOR US – AND JUDE! Seriously! ;o)

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