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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Family Night at the Soccer Game!

For my Dad's (Jude's Grandpa) Father's Day present we decided to buy all of us tickets to go to the Colorado Rapids MLS game. Soccer is my family's sport and we knew it would mean a lot for my dad to have all of us there for a game, especially Jude.

So we packed up and headed to the stadium. We were in luck too because the game happened to fall on 4th of July weekend so we got to see a BIG firework show after the game. Surprisingly Jude did well - so well that he stayed up for the whole soccer game and then fell asleep half way through the GIANT firework show. Really Jude - you won't sleep in, take great naps or sleep through the night every night BUT you will fall asleep during a professional firework show! Really!?!? Haha, either way we had a great time.

I am so thankful that Jude has my dad to take him to soccer games, tradition will continue.

Here are some great shots of our evening out.

Jude and daddy with the raccoon. Dont you love Jude's Holland Soccer Jersey! Represent the ORANGE!!

Jude and Grandpa - GO RAPIDS!!

Family picture with Uncle Jarrin too!! lol Goof!

Big Fireworks!! He wasnt too sure at first.

Mommy and a sleeping Jude.

Such a fun night!

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