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Monday, August 29, 2011

This is how Jude rolls...

This weekend we decided to try out a place near by called Little Monkey Bizness. It was a great time. It was air conditioned so it gave Jude time to run around in the cool air and not be completely exhausted from the heat.

Well this was Jude's favorite part:


Yeah it does look rough but he and Jeremy did this about 20 times and each time that kid had a smile on his face and was full of laughs! So funny! He is all boy!!

He did end up with a little ouchy on his nose from all the fun though. Poor baby!


 Poor red nose!



Believe me we will be returning! 


  1. Ethan loved Little Monkey Business when he was little and now he loves the "big" monkey business. It is such a great place to take a kid!


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