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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time for some organizing!

I never thought I would be so excited to print off documents from an email. Yeah you read that right – excitement over printed paper.

I am obsessed with getting organized!

I have started my very own Family Binder and I cannot wait to add more! I love this feeling.

 I found this great etsy shop (I love etsy) called Clean Mama Printables and fell in love. It is just a simple idea of printed documents for meal planners, grocery lists, inventories and even bill trackers.

 I decided that this was something that I had to have, so I finally hit “BUY” and got 2 kits that I love! So far I have a binder made and labeled and have started using the meal planner and the inventories for our freezer and pantry. I feel better already. I know what we have in our home to eat and surprisingly we have A TON of food! HAHA! Hello money saver – grocery shopping will be very cheap for the next month or so. Thank goodness because we are on a new challenge of a major budget (more on that later).

Check out my pictures! I am so proud.

Keep checking back on Building Our Story, Clean Mama has graciously agreed to let one of my lovely readers win 1 kit of their choice! I will keep you updated on the giveaway and also my progress on the use of my new binder!


What do you think? Any tips on what you have your Family Binder?


  1. YAY for organization!! I have showed you my binder and I LOVE it!! I am so excited about the meal planning and taking inventory of all my food too! I think I am going to blog about my binder next week. Once I have all the tab sections finished.

  2. Oooo! I would love some printables like that! I have a planner to organize what I need to do each day and a recipe/meal plan binder. I took inventory of my pantry but it is just on a plain sheet of white paper taped to the inside of our cabinet door. Haha!

    Looks nice and organized! I hope it helps, mine has helped me stay on track and know what is going on and when!

  3. I want to see it! Can we get together and let me see it so I can decide if I would use it! I need something like that!


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