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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The worst feeling for a Mommy

From my most recent post you know that Jude is dealing with a really horrible allergic reaction to amoxicillin.

I will be the first to admit that he looks horrible.
He looks sore.
He looks scary.
He looks sick.

Thankfully he isn’t sick or contagious, he is just miserable while his body tries to get rid of this medication but while this is happening I can’t help but be angry at some on lookers.

While at the doctor office, you know the place that people go when they aren’t feeling well, we got all kinds of awful looks from other patients. I wish I could explain what we saw, the faces, the glares, the talking. I left that office with a really heavy heart. My heart was and still is aching for Jude because I couldn’t do anything to make those people stop looking at him or make his face look normal. :(

I know, it sounds stupid but it was an awful feeling.

It is the worst feeling seeing people look at your baby like he has some crazy disease.

So as you live your life remember this. Don’t stare, don’t cringe, don’t whisper at anyone. You don’t know their story or their feelings. And even if you don’t think you are making that person feel looked at or judged – believe me they feel it.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

An update on Jude: Had to go to the doctor for the second time yesterday. Had 3 doctors confirm that it is just a HORRIBLE medication allergy and that there isn’t some magic drug to get rid of the spots and pain. Just time and Benadryl. Until it is out of his system, we have one sore, fussy, tired and swollen baby boy.

 I leave you with this picture from our doctor visit.


Get better soon Jude!!
You are adorable even with spots!


  1. Poor little guy! I hope it clears up soon...lots of snuggles for him!

  2. Poor baby! hope he feels better soon!

  3. People can be so rude! I remember the stares we got when Jamie had his swollen eye and stiches. It broke my heart!

    Hope he's spot free and feeling better soon!

  4. I feel so bad for him, poor little guy :(

  5. Even with the polka dotted hives, that smile just melts your heart. No matter what other people say, or think, you know you have a happy, healthy baby, who just had a misfortunate incident with amoxicillin.

  6. Poor baby! I hope he is all better soon :(

  7. Poor little mite. There is no accounting for the ignorance and cruelty of some people. I can understand small children possibly reacting like that, but adults should know better. It isn't his fault he has allergies. He is a beautiful little boy and I hope he has recovered.


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