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Friday, August 26, 2011

Y3W: 14 Months Old

Jude turned 14 Months Old yesterday - August 25th!

 I cannot believe it is time for another monthly update. It goes so quick!


This picture melts my heart. The sweet smile and beautiful baby blues are just perfect. I love you Turtle!

Milestones and things I do not want to forget: *Walking! Walking every where! He still hasn't figured out how to stand up with out help of a couch, wall or toy but he is working on it.


*Trying to feed himself - really can use a spoon but he likes to tip the bowls so we haven't let him do it on his own yet.

*Jude is allergic to Amoxicillin. First hospital stay.


*Says Mama, Dada, woof.
*Loves to Shake his Booty! His dancing moves are great.
 *Took a couple trips to the cabin, really enjoys the outdoors!
*Wears a size 4 diaper.
*Still using bottles but getting really good at sippy cups and straw cups. Will work on the bottle issue after our Spain trip.


Well that is the 14 Month Update.
He is probably still about 25 pounds and the same height, we didnt measure but from all of the recent trips to the doctor and ER we know he is still around 25 pounds.
Big and perfect baby boy!


  1. Perfect all around! Happy 14 months Jude!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a handsome guy! :) I am new to your blog and wanted to say hi! :) Erin


  3. What a handsome guy!! Happy 14 month Jude!


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